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We are having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave

Apparently it is quite warm outside but I haven't had a chance to go out yet today so I'll just have to take everyone's word for it.  I wanted to go out and warm my feet but alas it has been a busy day. The weekend was very busy and fun.  We babysat Charlie (1) and Eddie (6) on Friday night and Saturday.  Charlie is trying to walk so it made for an adenture.  I had forgotten what it is like to not be able to sit down or do anything until little one's go for their nap.  We went out for a walk on Saturday morning and Charlie fell asleep.  I have to say that I walked very fast to get home so that he would sleep for a while and I could get some laundry going and do the breakfast dishes.  We went to the park in the afternoon and both kids got so full of sand.  It was a lot of fun filled with a lot of "no Charlie, don't eat sand" moments.  I was very pooped by the time Saturday night came along.  There are very valid reasons for having kids when you are young.…

Such sadness...

Stitches have come out...ouch.  Doc says that if the nerves in my foot are still hurting in 4 weeks. - such a long time  - to go back to see him.  No running for 4 weeks too.  I already changed the army half marathon to the 5k run and now can't do that one either. Are you sensing a whiney theme here.

 Hopefully Steph's boyfriend will do it and we can cheer him on.

This was my hospital consolation prize. Gee, thanks.

At least I can bike again which does bring me joy.  Lots of Advil and I'll be raring to go.

Glad we had tea today Ms. H.

A little extra travelling this morning

Well it was has been another interesting morning.I drove in today because I have to go this afternoon and have the stitches taken out of my foot.I figure with a little artwork I can make my foot look pretty interesting for Halloween…or just to keep grossing out the kids J.

So, what was so interesting this morning? Well, since I got to travel through different areas of the city I got to see some interesting folks.There was the man biking on Meadowlands Drive with an umbrella hat on.I have an issue with him not wearing a helmet (pet peeve) but it is a pretty inventive way to keep your head dry if it rains (which it wasn’t).I found this interesting rain contraption that I think would be a much better idea since it would fit under your helmet and also keep your shoulders dry.
Yesterday as I was leaving work I saw a woman who was wearing a furry hat. What the heck was it yesterday?We get one day that is less than 40 degrees and all of a sudden its time to pull out the winter wear.I do have t…

My OMG moment

I'm pretty sure this was my face as I was driving to the park and ride this morning.  I was thinking about my ugly black flats that I have to continue wearing and realized that I keep telling everyone at work how they are so ugly.  I really am not a flat fan. Then I realized that a lot of women at work wear flats and even black ones.  Oops.  Hope I haven't offended anyone. Have you seen guys who put their sunglasses up on their foreheads?  Such a ridiculous look.  Makes me think that they are related to this guy.  Do you really want women to look at you like a Neanderthal guys?

Second worst look...behind the head.  Guys, only mom's have eyes in the back of their heads and would require sunglasses back there but we are smart enough not to try this look.

This mornings downtown horror show involved seeing a woman wearing high black boots.  I know that it was a little cooler this morning BUT BOOTS??  Then there was the woman with black pantyhose (which is bad enough in August…

Week 2 of healthier eating

Guess my dreams of retiring a millionaire (hahaha) are dashed this week.
I am very excited that week one of healthier eating resulted in an 8 lb weight loss.  Yee haw, feeling better already.

Are these not the most boring of shoes?I finally found a pair of plan black flats that I can (have no choice) live with….sigh…so ugly.I am sorry that I am such a disappointment in the shoe department these days.Soon (hopefully) I will be back in my fabulous shoes.I tried my short white ones on Monday but alas the altitude, although low, was too much for the foot.One more short joke from my co-workers and I’ll have to start retaliating.
·Thursday was a “fun” trip on the bus.I got to sit between Betty’s husband Bob who was encroaching on my land and he was very hot which made that side of me hot.On the other side was a woman who talked to herself….a lot.I really need to bring headphones – lol.
·I have had it with the cast and am no longer wearing it even though I fear people stepping on my foot on the …

Day 2 of Healthier Eating

Already I am trying to talk myself out of going to the gym.
it's too hot to cross the street (so lame)I'm tired of carting the boot around (I really am but after today I only need to wear it on the bus - so no excuse)I have a headache (I do but I did take some Tylenol - so no excuse)I'm tired (I am but that's not going to improve anytime soo - so no excuse)I could go shopping (I could but then I'd just have to drag the boot around with me so it wouldn't be fun - so no excuse) Enough!  The day is dragging so I may as well go to the gym to kill some time, right?

I won't be burning very many calories doing just weights but I can feel the workout I did yesterday so it must be worth it....right? Hope you are all enjoying the air least until next months Hydro bill comes in.

Birthday Blog

Today is my ____ birthday.Haven’t figured out what age I desire to be this year so I’m leaving it open for now.A woman’s prerogative, right ladies?Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes.They put a smile on my (youthful ____something) face.I got lovely flowers from Sharon at work this morning and they make my workspace look so lovely.I hope they last a long time.I love how my Google home page says Happy Birthday Sandra when I hover over it. My birthday gift to myself is to get back to healthy eating and lose the weight that I put on this summer.There, it’s out there now and I can’t take it back.I know how wonderful it feels to be slimmer and to eat healthy and I’m looking forward to getting there again.I hope I can count on you all to kick me in the butt when I start whining about wanting a cookie.

Stephanie made me the most delicious (and healthy) strawberry cheesecake yesterday and we all loved it without all those extra calories.Everyone gave me such wonderful and thoughtful g…

Hospital to home comfort

I was pretty leary about only having freezing before they cut into my foot and because the needle was so huge but it wasn't too bad. Certainly not as bad as the cortisone shot I had a few months ago.
I was even pushed into OR by the doctor.  I told him I'm sure that's something he wasn't expecting to be doing at this stage in life. He has a pretty good sense of humor. 
There was some pretty good music playing in the OR which makes it a tad less scary.
So we are all set to go after they cover me with a couple of blankets and sheets and wrap my foot in many towels (if thats to soak up the blood...yerks!)  So much laundry for one foot.  Then he says with sharp instrument in hand "we are going to test you now".  What??? Stab me and see if I scream?? Well, there were no screams so that's a good start.   There was a lot of pushing and digging or at least that's what it felt like from my end of the table.  I said I was waiting for the sound of the Makita bu… more for today

Jonathan signed up for drivers ed class and the website for the place he is going has this as its first picture.  Seriously?  You teach them that they have to have both hands on the wheel at all times and yet you show this picture.  Plus, Steph says that she didn't see anyone going for their driving test in a nice car like this.

I'm still having Nordstrom shoe withdrawals.....sigh......

Land of the Giants

I went to Nordstrom with Stephanie at lunch and oh my but what a lot of lovely things.  The shoes!!!  Oh, to finally meet Jimmy Choo and Milano Blahnik in person - a dream come true.  Of course, I was sad to leave without any of these gorgeous shoes but when I win the lottery.....

The dresses were quite lovely too.  Apparently though a lot of women who shop there are giants.  This is a skirt.  I could use it as a tent.  Add a touque (going with the winter theme today) and I'd be the most stylish of campers. August...yikes

This morning was gorgeous and sunny but a little chilly.  It said it was 14 degrees so I put on a t-shirt and shorts instead of my usual sleeveless top (and shorts - black today).  Turns out that when you are biking on a chilly morning there is also a windchill.  Yep, a windchill.  The Weather Network doesn't share this knowledge - probably because it reminds us too much of this picture. Personally, I think this guy is nuts.  I will be putting my bike away before it gets like this outside.
After being scared by the flock of ducks (are they a flock, a gaggle, a group???) that are apparently congregating on part of the Rideau Canal to plan their winter vacation strategy (hey, they just might be!), I have seen two pick up trucks with snowplows on the front of them.  Two!!!  I almost stopped by the one this morning to get confirmation from the driver that no, he wasn't expecting a drastic change in the weather shortly but hopefully, would be using it to push dirt or rocks of somet…

Family reunion, support group meeting, conference???

There were so many ducks in the canal by Hog's Back this morning.  They all congregated in this one part between the locks.  I had a moment of fear that this meant something epic like the end of summer but maybe they are just having a family reunion...right?!?!
Love how this guy gave us a show.

Other items of note on my morning commute: it was a little chilly and damp this morning so I thought it wise to put on a t-shirt instead of my usual run top.  Apparently a couple of guys didn't get the memo and went running without their shirts on.  The first guy really should check himself out in the mirror before going out because his boobs...sorry, his pecks were moving up and down.  It is kind of like watching an accident, you can't look away.  The second guy was kind of boring after the first one.  Sorry dude. Then there was the guy who passed me on his bike...don't they all...and he stood up to peddle faster and hmmmm, how to put this delicately?   I was having my usual t…

Have you ever been unscrewed?

If you haven't been unscrewed, I can let you know how it feels on Friday.
I was back at the surgeon's this morning to say that after a year I still have a lot of pain in my foot.  He did apologize (and did look sincere).  He said that the tearing feeling in the bottom of my foot may be from a screw that went through the bone.  Youch.  Our (that's the royal "our" by the way) next step is to remove the screws (hey, any weight loss is a good weight loss, right?) and hope that my foot gets more bendy (not the technical terms I'm sure).  Not sure how much I am looking forward to this because it is done with just freezing and he will reopen the incision and remove the screws.  Wonder if he uses a Makita or a Black & Decker screwdriver.  Will have to ask.
The good news, no cast, no crutches, no wheelchair.  Possibly the boot for my first few days back on the bus.  Hmmmm, wonder if I could bike with the boot on.  If this woman can, so can I.

Today's name of the…

Mondays come too soon....even after a holiday

I thought that walking so many large hills in Quebec City would make biking easier but if this morning is any indication, it doesn't.  It was a very foggy start to the day today.
Quebec City is so full of gorgeous plants.  I have to find out what these tall ones are so I can get them for my garden.

There were many interesting art installations throughout the City.  This one was so pretty.

Yep - we climbed many roads to get this high.

I love how pretty everything looks with the flowers.  Hey, City of Ottawa - why don't we spend a few dollars and make our downtown look this pretty?

Interesting art exhibit.

And another fabulous plant that I have no idea what it is.

This fabulously large plant - I have this one!!!  Not going to let it get this big though because it has to come indoors for the winter.
Unusual art exhibit.  Not sure why there were giant pigeons by the giant can of soup but it looked cool.
Aren't these pant planters fun?  I have instructions for how to make them…