Mondays come too soon....even after a holiday

I thought that walking so many large hills in Quebec City would make biking easier but if this morning is any indication, it doesn't.  It was a very foggy start to the day today.

Quebec City is so full of gorgeous plants.  I have to find out what these tall ones are so I can get them for my garden.

There were many interesting art installations throughout the City.  This one was so pretty.

Yep - we climbed many roads to get this high.

I love how pretty everything looks with the flowers.  Hey, City of Ottawa - why don't we spend a few dollars and make our downtown look this pretty?

Interesting art exhibit.

And another fabulous plant that I have no idea what it is.

This fabulously large plant - I have this one!!!  Not going to let it get this big though because it has to come indoors for the winter.
Unusual art exhibit.  Not sure why there were giant pigeons by the giant can of soup but it looked cool.

Aren't these pant planters fun?  I have instructions for how to make them.  Maybe one day....

It is going to be a little sad that I won't have such pretty things to share with you now that my holiday is over but I'll do my best to keep it intersting.  Today during my run I saw a man who looked like he was lactating because of the sweat stains on his shirt.  Fashion hint:  don't wear light coloured cotton shirts on really hot days.  The best of all was the young guy who was dancing across the bridge to Hull.  I smiled so huge when I saw him dancing side to side with the ocassional twirl added in.  I wish I had fun music like he apparently had.


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