We are having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave

Apparently it is quite warm outside but I haven't had a chance to go out yet today so I'll just have to take everyone's word for it.  I wanted to go out and warm my feet but alas it has been a busy day.
The weekend was very busy and fun.  We babysat Charlie (1) and Eddie (6) on Friday night and Saturday.  Charlie is trying to walk so it made for an adenture.  I had forgotten what it is like to not be able to sit down or do anything until little one's go for their nap.  We went out for a walk on Saturday morning and Charlie fell asleep.  I have to say that I walked very fast to get home so that he would sleep for a while and I could get some laundry going and do the breakfast dishes.  We went to the park in the afternoon and both kids got so full of sand.  It was a lot of fun filled with a lot of "no Charlie, don't eat sand" moments.  I was very pooped by the time Saturday night came along.  There are very valid reasons for having kids when you are young.  I totally don't understand women who have kids late in life...are you nuts!!!

Sunday was gardening day.  I started out meeting this guy who was between me and the garden hose.  Sorry to say that I won.  Sorry dude.  I'm sure he'll make up new residence in my car along with the other spiders that make cobwebs while I sleep.

I probably should have waited to do my transplating but I was on a role and hopefully everything is strong enough to survive the move.

I moved the burning bush from the front of the house where it was getting too big to the backyard where it is allowed to get a million feet tall because then it will block out Frank the bad neighbour.  The bush was firmly planted in the ground and did not come out without a fight.  Some of the other plants were the same.

All that digging left me with an interesting bruise around my thumb.   I do like the unusual apparently.

I think I should put on dark pink polish to match, don't  you?

Jonathan and I went out for my first bike ride in 2 weeks last night.  It was a gorgeous night for a ride although the bugs were far too plentiful and the sun goes day way too soon.  So sad to see the end of summer.

Looking forward to the long weekend of nothingness...well, as nothing as I usually do.


  1. Lovely bruise.... kinda looks like mine :-) I say go with the pink polish.


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