My OMG moment

I'm pretty sure this was my face as I was driving to the park and ride this morning.  I was thinking about my ugly black flats that I have to continue wearing and realized that I keep telling everyone at work how they are so ugly.  I really am not a flat fan. Then I realized that a lot of women at work wear flats and even black ones.  Oops.  Hope I haven't offended anyone.
Have you seen guys who put their sunglasses up on their foreheads?  Such a ridiculous look.  Makes me think that they are related to this guy.  Do you really want women to look at you like a Neanderthal guys?

Second worst look...behind the head.  Guys, only mom's have eyes in the back of their heads and would require sunglasses back there but we are smart enough not to try this look.

This mornings downtown horror show involved seeing a woman wearing high black boots.  I know that it was a little cooler this morning BUT BOOTS??  Then there was the woman with black pantyhose (which is bad enough in August) with yellow running shoes...ew!  What's next?

Nope, not even going to think of that.

Finally ladies, a word of advice from an observer and self-proclaimed fashion is time to think of having an end of summer pedicure.  If you are thinking of wearing those lovely slingbacks (and I am so jealous by the way) or even your flip flops, check the back of your heels because some of your feet are in serious need of some loving.  You make me frown and that's giving me new wrinkles that I really don't need.  You don't want the guilt of being responsible for my sadness do you?

And on a final note....because he is just too funny...
Enjoy your Wednesday....half way to the weekend....a little more for some of us :)


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