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Friday Follies

This is true.  Sometimes the answer to the problem is in the junk food cupboard or in the freezer in a carton with a pretty picture on it.

Maybe this one won't answer a problem today because, is early...and cold...but maybe later.

Are  you off today?  Tackling the hoards for Black Friday sales?  I need a new duvet cover if you see any nice ones.

Today is Nutritious Me Day 3.  Had to press snooze two and a half times this morning.  I guess it takes more than 2 days to get energetic.  Patience is not one of my strong suits as you may have noticed.  I did suck it up and go to the gym.  Unfortunately The Rock couldn't inspire me to put in a great effort.  Maybe if he was my personal trainer.  I wonder what he charges.  I put in a mediocre effort which I suppose is better than no effort at all.

Because I didn't feel like running I put up the incline and pretended I was mountain climbing.  These guys had way more fun that I did.

Have you noticed that the fans on the …

Nutritious Me

Day 1: Nutritional Journey
Today I began a (better) nutritional journey – not a diet.I won’t say how long I’ve been dieting because then you might realize how old I am J, but it has been a long, long time.What do I have to show for it?A bad relationship with food and myself.Today this changes.It will be a long journey but hey, so was dieting and look where that got me.I have a fabulous, enthusiastic nutritionist on my side who is going to help me retrain my brain.
Hmm, if the corn keeps peeling it could get quite scandalous.
So how is Day 1 shaping up?I went to the gym.Yes, I WENT TO THE GYMbefore work.My brain kept thinking of all of the work on my desk but I defeated it and actually spent a little more than an hour on myself.Strolling into my office at 9:00 made me feel a little guilty (bad brain) but as my co-workers weren’t in yet, I have to stop feeling guilty.I know, I can hear you Barb and Jenn.You have been telling me this for years but I didn’t listen.Well, I listened but then i…

Compression...the word of the day

Why is compression the word of the day you ask?  Well, let me share my story. Today compression refers to me and not to the young ladies that I see running or biking without a proper sports bra on which makes a wardrobe malfunction an inevitability.

I have a wonderfully colourful (mine is pink but I don't think you really want to see my sweaty clothing) Victoria Secret sports bra that I bought for running and it has been a dream.  Key word is "has". 

What happens ladies when you lose a couple of pounds?  You lose it off your boobs first right?  My commute to work is very bumpy because the roads and paths are so bad in spots so the laws of physics (?) come into play and when there is extra space, things bounce.  It is not a comfortable feeling.

OMG - if this doesn't make you laugh, nothing would.
So, ladies of a certain age, I know that you feel my pain and understand.  To you younger ladies, I won't tell you what happens to your boobs when you age.  Why scare you…

2018 Summer Epic Shopping Adventure

It is the most wonderful time of the year…again.
Epic Shopping Adventure Time with my shopping besties @stephjdl and @skippycin.

We have survived the worst winter has had to offer and the hottest that summer has brought upon us.

We are passionate about our craft and if you ever need a personal shopper with the courage to spend 8 hours at the mall, the balls to grab that deal before the other person reaching for it, the practice to be able to try on 20 pieces of clothing in under 5 minutes, we are your gals.
Reliving the time I “saved” 6 pairs of fabulous shoes from prolonged detention in the store…such a great shopping adventure.

We are the best at scouting out sales and coupons (well, that is Steph’s best talent and we love her for it).

We never begin an adventure without THE PLAN.Timing is essential in order to have the most adventure time in THE MALL.Planning means that you have time to scout, buy, think, get opinions, go back, buy or return and go home the happiest of shoppers.
Lunch is …

It is Long Weekend Eve

If these shoes don't scream "BRING ON THE WEEKEND" I don't know what does.  Wish I had a pair :)

Happy Long Weekend Eve Folks.
I have long weekend fever….do you?

It was such a nice, sweaty ride in this morning.Much quieter as a lot of people have taken the day off…they are so lucky.I too will take a day off one of these days.

The word of the weekend will be “Swamp Ass” when it comes to the weather.  Go out and play but also take time inside some air conditioning (the museums are free on Monday) and stay hydrated (which does not mean more beer).

Enjoy the weekend, take pictures, share your stories.

Dear Moron

Dear Moron Drivers:
Is it your wish to become the blob people that were in the movie Wall-E?

Do you want to become someone that can’t move because technology has taken over everything that you used to do for yourself?Things like moving your damned head back and forth so you can check and see if someone is coming up on your right or left side?

Yes, checking your mirrors and hey, actually moving your head to look out your back window.Remember doing that?You learned (hopefully) how that was necessary in order to pass your driver’s test. Remember?Is it coming back to you?No.Well, hear me now – move your damned head side to side and actually look out your car windows.It isn’t hard and will keep you from becoming a blob person that relies on your car to tell you that there is an object nearby.
Why am I ranting about this?Like I really need a reason to rant – lol.

I am ranting because yesterday’s ride home almost ended in bike tragedy.I was biking though the parking lot at The Met church and the…

Wacky Wednesday

My morning commute consisted of way to much road kill.  One poor raccoon dragged…..oh, I can’t go there and I’m sure you don’t need to hear it.  I should come up with my own Ottawa Road Kill Bingo.  Stay tuned.

This reminds me that we need to have a road trip this summer Steph and Cindy.Jonathan and I are going on a road trip this weekend (heaven help us) to Ogdensburg to pick up a new air conditioner for my car.I really hope that this one lasts more than one season.But the fun of US Walmart awaits us J.

Have I told you how my keyboard is possessed?Well, probably the computer, but what a pain in the butt.It keeps reverting to a French keyboard so my symbols move around.WhyÉ (that would be the ?)I just donèt (see!!) know what to do.IT has come by but maybe it is time to call my new IT friend Clayton to give it an exorcism.
Who knew that this was a thingÉ….argh!!!
So, to continue my morning commute…what else …

Sing it! Sing it out loud!

My day started with me walking out the front door directly into a cobweb.  Ick.

I had a lovely ride into work although maybe mitts might be in order for the early morning rides. 

I wish I had time to vary my route so that I could see more spectacular views of Ottawa but Farrhaven is just too far from downtown to add any miles to my ride.

I got to the parking garage, got off my bike and promptly started walking into the wooden bar that lifts when cars go through.  Unfortunately there were many beings in the garage and could hear the security guard yell "STOP"!!!  Ooops.

I'm sorry Ryan.  I know, bad enough that I do it but then I blog about it.
I got the last laugh though..or maybe the first.  I'm pretty sure that everyone heard me laugh when I opened an email from our IT department this morning.

I haven't decided what I'm going to sing yet but am open to suggestions.

I wonder if the person who sent out the email is having a 'Ryan' moment too.

Enjoy th…