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Feet, feathers and food....welcome to Friday

I had a bus pilgrimage to the podiatrist yesterday which, I have to say, was pretty good for timing and much cheaper than paying $25 for parking.On the way back I noticed that the voice on the bus that tells you what stops are coming up seemed much louder than I am used to.I wonder if they crank up the volume when you are on a bus that is frequented by older people.Someday I will have to spend a day taking a bunch of different buses to see if my theory pans out.  Also, how annoying is it that they try to bilingual everything.  Cole - Cole; Woodroffe - Woodroffe.  Seriously, I caught it the first time. I was quietly sitting, stealthily watching people get on the bus (I do have to learn to sit farther back so I get a view of more people), bouncing on my seat because Carling Avenue is pretty bumpy and out of the corner of my eye I see white feather floating down.Were there birds back there that I missed?Should I move to the back of the bus and see what treasures are located down that way?…

Was it really necessary to salt today?

I'm not ready to give these beauties up just yet and they got me shoe love at the gym today.  Thank goodness the snow didn't stay because I walked to the gym in them with bare feet.
Some snow humour to brighten your day.
I really like this one and even though I'm only 30 I remember when it was like this.  Stop laughing!!

We had four snowflakes this morning and the city is piled with salt.  Really City of Ottawa?  No wonder you always go over budget.  It melted almost as soon as it landed.  I did get a reminder of why you don't wear black pants on days like today without wearing high boots.  The splash of crap up  the back of your leg is really not attractive.

We got our new french doors yesterday and with the little dusting of snow in the backyard this morning it felt very festive.  Since I can't decide what kind of draperies to put in the living room I think a wreath on each door and the window are in order.  I also thought of putting a big bow on each one with e…

Wedding dress shopping and my retirement plans

I really enjoyed wedding dress shopping last weekend.  Nope, not for me.  Sorry George, not ready for that kind of commitment yet - lol.

The bride-to-be, Corina, was kind enough to invite me along and I think I was pretty well behaved.

My mission is to help Corina find the perfect dress.  Here is today's dress.  I think Steph and I need to find nicer clothes though.

I now have my retirement all planned out.  I will spend my days wandering bridal shops, shoe shops and clothing stores and offer everyone unsolicited advice.  I think it would be a blast.  I will have to work on my miniature golf face so that I don't make this face when I see someone wearing something I  think is horrible.

I went to the Rideau Centre at lunch and some of you may know the underpass at the conference centre that you take from downtown to get to the Rideau Centre.   They play music down there to discourage the young folk and the rub-a-dubs from lingering.  Today's song made me walk faster just to …

Friday Mishmash

I have been collecting ideas and pictures all week and thought today would be a good day to share them. I hope this makes your day a little less scary (being the 13th and all).

Jonathan and I went to the drug store last night to get our flu shots and I saw this sign.  I told the pharmacist that I was a little offended at the sign because to me it implies that I shouldn't get the flu because the family would miss out on their turkey dinner.  If I got the flu (which I won't because I got the shot) the family would have to suck it up and order take out if they couldn't handle making the turkey dinner themselves - not saying they couldn't though.  Is this Shoppers Drug Mart's way of guilting you into getting a flut shot?  Seems that it isn't working as the pharmacist say they have had a lot less people getting it this year than last year.

I saw this tree in the Canadian Tire flyer.  As Steph rightly pointed could get a lot of shoe boxes under this tree.

What a fabulous day.  Today started out with church. Church is always a relaxing hour in my week - although I have been neglecting it for a while. I do have to admit that all the singing makes me yawn.

I was on coffee duty today. It's a great way to catch up with people.  Everyone takes a few minutes to ask how you are doing,  what's new and how the kids are doing.  There are a couple of ladies that do this and make you feel you've been held under a bare bulb for a grilling but everyone else is so nice.  While getting coffee ready the two ladies helping out said that they loved my shoes. I had on my new purple shoes - Sunday shoe love.

The best part of my day came when my church friend George came by.  It isn't everyone that can say they were hit on at church,  but I can.  George's wife passed away last year.   George is a huge ego boost.  He said how great I was looking and how I was taking good care of myself. He asked if I was still "attached" and seem…

Question of the Day

How stupid am I?  I suppose that's not a fair question (and no, I don't really need an answer).  I guess the question is how distracted am I? I put a lovely roast in the crock pot yesterday morning and kept thinking all day that I hoped it wouldn’t be too overcooked by dinner time.I got off the bus at Fallowfield after work and got a text from Jonathan asking if the roast was supposed to be cooking. ()&*^!@#$&^&^*&(&*() is what my response was.I forgot to turn the crock pot on.I then made a trip to buy a chicken for dinner.Somewhere out there someone must have invented a crock pot that has a delayed timer on it.If I had that I would have been able to set it to start later than when I had it ready and I wouldn’t have to remember to actually turn it on before I leave the house. I find it quite interesting how many people don’t comb their hair in the morning.Guys, you can spray a little water on your hair and fluff it up and ladies, using a brush instead of you…

Swearing in and swearing out

It is with great sadness that I can no longer bike to work. I hate daylight savings time.Instead of seeing a beautiful sunrise over the Canal I am now looking at many sad/bored/tired faces on the bus each morning.There will be no more smiles as duck butts poke out of the water and no more beautiful sunsets over the farm.
Thankfully there are no people butt sightings on the bus (yet) althought people are butting into line trying to get on the bus.Butts of all sorts everywhere. Let me start this by saying that I went for a run last Saturday.  Beautiful day.  Shorts on October 31st.  Sweet.  An hour into my run (that was my first mistake) I pulled my hamstring in my left leg.  Did you know that your hamstring leads to your butt?  Getting a theme going here.  Hobble, hobble, run, walk.  An hour and five minutes into my run/hobble/walk my MP3 ran out of juice.  NOOOOOOO.  Nothing I hate more than hearing myself think.  The remaining 20 minutes to get home was filled with whimpering, whining…