Swearing in and swearing out

It is with great sadness that I can no longer bike to work.  I hate daylight savings time.  Instead of seeing a beautiful sunrise over the Canal I am now looking at many sad/bored/tired faces on the bus each morning.  There will be no more smiles as duck butts poke out of the water and no more beautiful sunsets over the farm.
Thankfully there are no people butt sightings on the bus (yet) althought people are butting into line trying to get on the bus.  Butts of all sorts everywhere.
Let me start this by saying that I went for a run last Saturday.  Beautiful day.  Shorts on October 31st.  Sweet.  An hour into my run (that was my first mistake) I pulled my hamstring in my left leg.  Did you know that your hamstring leads to your butt?  Getting a theme going here.  Hobble, hobble, run, walk.  An hour and five minutes into my run/hobble/walk my MP3 ran out of juice.  NOOOOOOO.  Nothing I hate more than hearing myself think.  The remaining 20 minutes to get home was filled with whimpering, whining and swearing, all in my head of course, which is why I don't like hearing myself think. 
Now in the mornings I feel like I am running late because it is too light out when I leave for work and it is so dark at the end of the work day.  I never got to say goodbye to the geese and ducks.  I hope they don’t think that I have forgotten them.  Good bye, see you in the spring – fly safe.

I went for a run yesterday and looked for geese and ducks but alas, they don’t seem to like the Ottawa River so there were no sightings.  I did see these fabulous views though. 

Those are two red adirondak chairs by the Locks.  I wonder who put them there.  We should all thank them for making a spectacular spot to sit and relax.

We are pretty lucky to have such beauty in our city.  On this beautiful run I got as far as the Museum of Civilization and hurt my right leg.  I didn't cry but there was a lot of swearing going on in my head.  The rest of the way was hobbling and walking.  This is my favourite part of my downtown run because it is downhill.  Not yesterday.  Holy crumboly Batman, downhill with a pulled muscle is not a pretty sight. 

I was so jelous of the young runners who were breezing past me.  So many of us were in shorts and t-shirts.  November 3rd and still able to dress like it is summer – woo.
I saw a young lady on the bus last week.  She had a lot of foundation on her face.  She was on her phone which meant that she had her hand up beside her face.  Not a good idea.  Her hand was white and her face was an unnatural shade of beige.  Take note young women!

Another young lady on the bus yesterday was doing some game on her phone.  I had to stand all the way downtown so I got to browse the bus.  I don’t know what game it was but a word would come up and she’d pick a checkmark or an X.  Some of the words were:  ZKKOY, INTRNSLS, ZKOPPREGG.  Strange.  I did enjoy the view of the Ottawa River along the Parkway while standing although there was no water fowl to see.
There is a cat show at the Sportsplex.  How much stuff can they have for cats?  Really, what all does a cat need in life – food, water and a ball of wool.  An entire show about cat stuff.  No disrespect to cat fans but I just don’t get it.

I have seen some fun tights and pantyhose being worn by women on the bus.  Good job ladies.  I saw the sweetest pair of black booties on a woman yesterday.  I almost asked her where she got them.  They had bows on the back.  Must do some sleuthing of the shoe store websites.
Is it distracted driving if you are on your phone while driving your wheelchair?

I used the weight machines at the gym the other day and now have sore armpits.  Really, what would it look like if you got jacked up muscles in your armpits?   I guess you’d be like this where you couldn’t put your arms down on your sides.  Maybe I won’t add so many weights next time.

NOT SO FUN FACT OF THE DAY:  Don’t put your contact lenses in after cutting onions unless you have washed your hands A LOT.  I did wash my hands but apparently needed to do it a little more.


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