Question of the Day

ow stupid am I?  I suppose that's not a fair question (and no, I don't really need an answer).  I guess the question is how distracted am I?
I put a lovely roast in the crock pot yesterday morning and kept thinking all day that I hoped it wouldn’t be too overcooked by dinner time.  I got off the bus at Fallowfield after work and got a text from Jonathan asking if the roast was supposed to be cooking. ()&*^!@#$&^&^*&(&*() is what my response was.  I forgot to turn the crock pot on.  I then made a trip to buy a chicken for dinner.  Somewhere out there someone must have invented a crock pot that has a delayed timer on it.  If I had that I would have been able to set it to start later than when I had it ready and I wouldn’t have to remember to actually turn it on before I leave the house.
I find it quite interesting how many people don’t comb their hair in the morning.  Guys, you can spray a little water on your hair and fluff it up and ladies, using a brush instead of your fingers would make your ponytails that much nicer.  Just my opinion of course.

I was up top of the double decker this morning after being downstairs for a while staring at the stairs because it was super crowded.  Anyways, great view on a sunny day. I didn’t know that there are solar panels on top of the parking meters where you pay to park downtown.
As I mentioned, it was super crowded on the bus this morning which meant that there were a million people waiting at Fallowfield.  This meant that everyone was pushing and shoving and butting in to get on the bus.  So civilized.  A guy dropped his phone onto the roadway just as a bus was leaving.  He put one foot on the road and bent down to pick it up before the bus drove over it.  Stupid guy.  Is your phone really worth getting squished?

There was a young lady regaling us with tales of her life this morning but all I heard was “He said like how does this happen and I said like well….and he said like ….and I said like….and he said like…and I said…..”  OMG stop‼  That is not how the English language is to be spoken…like.
Have I ever mentioned how nicely everyone lines up for the bus going to Gatineau?  They line up in a nice neat row and when the bus comes no one butts in or pushes or shoves.  This is how civilized bus riders should be.  Maybe they could put out a bus rider tutorial.

I am having an extra-long long weekend starting tomorrow.  Can’t wait to get it started.  Eddie and Charlie are coming for a sleepover tomorrow night which is always fun.  I hope to get my bike back out since I’ll have many daylight hours to enjoy it.

Enjoy your day everyone.


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