Wedding dress shopping and my retirement plans

I really enjoyed wedding dress shopping last weekend.  Nope, not for me.  Sorry George, not ready for that kind of commitment yet - lol.

The bride-to-be, Corina, was kind enough to invite me along and I think I was pretty well behaved.

My mission is to help Corina find the perfect dress.  Here is today's dress.  I think Steph and I need to find nicer clothes though.

I now have my retirement all planned out.  I will spend my days wandering bridal shops, shoe shops and clothing stores and offer everyone unsolicited advice.  I think it would be a blast.  I will have to work on my miniature golf face so that I don't make this face when I see someone wearing something I  think is horrible.

I went to the Rideau Centre at lunch and some of you may know the underpass at the conference centre that you take from downtown to get to the Rideau Centre.   They play music down there to discourage the young folk and the rub-a-dubs from lingering.  Today's song made me walk faster just to get out of there.

By:  Yogi Yorgeson

My wife says to me, “Lets not drive the old Coupe;
Hitch up once again the one horse open sleigh.”
The horse was awful mad,  If he could talk he’d say
“You’ll be sorry you hitched me to a one horse open sleigh.”

Yingle Bells, Yingle bells, yingling all the way
It yust ain’t like it used to be in the one horse open sleigh.
Yingle bells, Yingle bells, yingling all the way
I should have worn long underwear in that one horse open sleigh.

Dashing through the snow with the cold win in our face
I can’t hold the horse, he thinks he’s in a race.
He kicks snow on us, it hits us on the chest
I bet that we’re the coldest Swedes in the whole darn Middle West.

Yingle Bells, Yingle bells, yingling  all the way-
My wife sure hates sleigh bells since she rode that one horse sleigh.
Yingle Bells, Yingle Bells, yingling all the way-
We’re too old for riding in a one horse open sleigh.

The night is awful dark, can’t see beyond my nose
I can’t blink my eyes. My eyeballs must be froze.
I can’t hear my wife yell,  I can’t see  her face
I guess I must have lost her when we turned at Yohnson’s place.

Yingle Bells, Yingle Bells, Yingling all the way
I  nearly caught pneumonia in that one horse open sleigh
Yingle Bells, Yingle Bells, Yingling all the way –
I wouldn’t make brass monkey ride in a one horse open sleigh!.

Seriously Yogi - too many y's in this song. 
Everywhere you go they are already playing Christmas music.  We will be so sick of it by Christmas time.
Great news for the rub-a-dubs though, there is now a LCBO in the Rideau Centre.
We had our chimney repaired this week.  Our contractor said that it is the worst chimney he's ever seen.  All it is is wood covered with siding.  No wonder our house has been so cold all these years.  We put insulation in the top since we don't use the chimney (the gas vents out the side of the house now) and we still have to stuff insulation up the chimney butt to keep the cold out.  Thanks again for all your diligent work Minto.


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