What a fabulous day.  Today started out with church. Church is always a relaxing hour in my week - although I have been neglecting it for a while. I do have to admit that all the singing makes me yawn.

I was on coffee duty today. It's a great way to catch up with people.  Everyone takes a few minutes to ask how you are doing,  what's new and how the kids are doing.  There are a couple of ladies that do this and make you feel you've been held under a bare bulb for a grilling but everyone else is so nice.  While getting coffee ready the two ladies helping out said that they loved my shoes. I had on my new purple shoes - Sunday shoe love.

The best part of my day came when my church friend George came by.  It isn't everyone that can say they were hit on at church,  but I can.  George's wife passed away last year.   George is a huge ego boost.  He said how great I was looking and how I was taking good care of myself. He asked if I was still "attached" and seemed a little disappointed that I am.   We had a nice chat about a lady he has been seeing.

Apparently she wants their relationship to go farther but he doesn't want it to.   I told him he should tell her that he wants to play the field and not get tied down.  He loved my advice and suggested I could be part of the field.  He said that he always thought I was one of the best looking women at church.  Hope that wasn't while his wife was alive.

I love George.   He has to be 70 at least.  Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better I get a FB request from George.   Have to think about this one.

After my delightful time at church I went for a bike ride with Jonathan.  It was a little chilly but the sun was spectacular.

Steph and Arun came by for dinner which if I do say so myself was very delicious.  We had roasted red pepper soup, kale and couscous salad and shrimp linguine.  All of this deliciousness was followed by sugar free cookie pie.

And to end it on a high note - vacation day tomorrow. 


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