Was it really necessary to salt today?

I'm not ready to give these beauties up just yet and they got me shoe love at the gym today.  Thank goodness the snow didn't stay because I walked to the gym in them with bare feet.
Some snow humour to brighten your day.

I really like this one and even though I'm only 30 I remember when it was like this.  Stop laughing!!


We had four snowflakes this morning and the city is piled with salt.  Really City of Ottawa?  No wonder you always go over budget.  It melted almost as soon as it landed.  I did get a reminder of why you don't wear black pants on days like today without wearing high boots.  The splash of crap up  the back of your leg is really not attractive.

We got our new french doors yesterday and with the little dusting of snow in the backyard this morning it felt very festive.  Since I can't decide what kind of draperies to put in the living room I think a wreath on each door and the window are in order.  I also thought of putting a big bow on each one with each of the kids names on tags so they could each have a window for Christmas.  They aren't going for it, silly children.  I'm looking for suggestions on window coverings so please share with me.

Do you notice how shiney the floor is?  Let me tell you that took a lot of cleaning after they were done the installation.  Twice with the mop and twice on hands and knees.  Note to self, any work being done near hardwood...cover everything.

I have such a dilemma. I need to find a Christmas angel gift for an 8 year old girl.  What the heck do they like?  I feel so old (well, slightly older than 30) for not being up with the trends. Still laughing?
They have decorated the lobby in our building and I have to say that it is very odd and a little unsettling, don't you think?  What is with the deer heads?  Maybe they should hang red ornaments from the antlers?
I was on my way back from the gym today and saw John Manley.  Remember him?  Deputy PM in 2002/2003.  Our idea of a celebrity :)
And....just because.  You're welcome.


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