Feet, feathers and food....welcome to Friday

I had a bus pilgrimage to the podiatrist yesterday which, I have to say, was pretty good for timing and much cheaper than paying $25 for parking.  On the way back I noticed that the voice on the bus that tells you what stops are coming up seemed much louder than I am used to.  I wonder if they crank up the volume when you are on a bus that is frequented by older people.  Someday I will have to spend a day taking a bunch of different buses to see if my theory pans out.  Also, how annoying is it that they try to bilingual everything.  Cole - Cole; Woodroffe - Woodroffe.  Seriously, I caught it the first time.
I was quietly sitting, stealthily watching people get on the bus (I do have to learn to sit farther back so I get a view of more people), bouncing on my seat because Carling Avenue is pretty bumpy and out of the corner of my eye I see white feather floating down.  Were there birds back there that I missed?  Should I move to the back of the bus and see what treasures are located down that way?  Have they not cleaned the bus like ever?  Oh the possibilities.
While watching people get on the bus, some having a bad hair day and some having a bad haircut.  Others were wardrobe challenged.  Then there was the woman who got on who had a lovely black hat on with a little pink flower on it.  She rocked.
Then Ben Franklin got on the bus.  Yep, Ben.  Same face, same haircut.  Now there is a question?  Is that really a hair "cut"? I don't think you can classify this as a cut because it just sort of happens, right?

Now he was having a very bad hair day and was seriously wardrobe challenged.  Ben had on a checked shirt, a tan coloured pleather vest, the worst cowboy boots of all time and I didn’t notice this at first but when he turned I saw that he was wearing skinny black pants that had blue rings running down the legs.  I really, really don’t understand designers who think creating things like this is a good idea.  Maybe they do it just to see who will buy them.  Either way, Clinton and Stacy should put them in fashion jail.  To top off his outfit he had on a little tan coloured purse (murse?).  Oh, I almost forgot, that didn’t top the list.  What topped the list was when he reached up to grab his Goodlife gym bag (don’t think it held any gym attire), I saw under his belly a silver belt buckle.  Yee Haw Cowboy Ben.

How stealthy was I to get pictures - lol.

The bus went down Preston Street and by this time it is lunchtime and seeing all the yummy restaurants was torture.  Did you know that the Big Easy restaurant on Preston has life size statues of the Blues Brothers on the roof?  Pretty cool.
Heather and I went to the Museum of History (formerly the Museum of Civilization – and what was wrong that name I ask?) to the craft show.  There were a lot of lovely and fun things to see and an array of wine to taste and food to sample.  I wish I wasn’t in the “watch what I eat” phase of my life (again) because some of the things looked amazing. Bought a few Christmas treasures while I was there.  I walked over to the Museum after work – what a fabulous evening.  It was just like spring out there.

Downtown is so pretty during the day (if you stay away from the construction parts) but at night it is spectacular.

On the bus this morning a young man came to stand in front of where I was sitting (yes‼! I got a seat this morning – woooooo) and he had on interesting black pants.  I don’t think I even want to know where you buy them.  At first I thought they were pajama pants but no, they are regular pants.  They had lightning bolts on them and the words “NEVER” and “THE SAME”.  Never what?  The same what?  Are they supposed to be a conversation starter because those would be my first questions to him?
I hope you guys don’t wear yourself out with Black Friday shopping.  I hear that there has been a multitude of violence at various stores in the US already.  Why, why, why. Is it really worth it to get yet another TV?  How many TVs does one house really need?  I don’t ask this question at home because I really don’t want to know the answer J.



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