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When your life flashes before your eyes....swear...a lot

Finally, rain, much needed rain.  I knew it would happen because I watered the garden yesterday.  Not looking forward to my next water bill.  At least today's rain will fill up my rain barrels.

Welcome to Monday of a short work week.  Best kind of week.  Have you all got fun Canada Day plans?  Picnics, fireworks, wandering around cute little towns.  That's what our plans are and I can't wait to spend time with the family.  It has been a while since everyone has been so busy.

For those that didn't know, I was one step closer to Heaven this morning and I was not happy about it.  Some idiot (I had much more colourful language for him at the time) decided to speed down Prince of Wales near Hog's Back and pass a car on the right.  Now, you are not supposed to do that in the first place AND I WAS ON THE RIGHT.  His car came so close.  Jackass!!  I'm sure wherever he was going was much more important than my life.  All I can hope is that karma will kick his ass.


Did you really need to be such an ass?

Here I was in my Happy Place this morning.  Gorgeous outside.  Friday.  Communed with nature (squirrels, bunnies and ducks).  No big wind to make my ride harder.  Perfect biking temperature.  What more could a girl ask for?  And then..........

I wish it had been Clint but it was just a young grumpy guy.  I go on the sidewalk on my bike for a short distance so that I can get into the parking garage.  There is me and the guy and yards and yards (oh , I'm dating myself) of sidewalk around us and he says "Get off your bike and walk!!!!!!!!!"  In my head I gave him the finger because I had both hands on the handlebars.  Was there a need to ruin my happy place?  Seriously, it is 7:00 a.m. on a gorgeous Friday morning and you are an ass.  I hope that you get stuck in your horrible little dark office all day and don't get invited to the group lunch where they will take over an hour and enjoy pizza and beer.  Then I hope you get stuck on a bus with a million hot, sweaty, gru…

Would you wear these shoes?

Would you wear these wild and wacky shoes?  Do you think I would?
I was out for a run yesterday.  I meant to just go for a walk at lunch but you know me....walking is hard and takes too long so I had to run.  It was wonderful.  I have to remember to always bring a towel though.  Because I was only planning a walk I didn't bring one and, well, it was time for a sink bath again and lots of whirrrrrrrrrrrrr...........whirrrrrrrrrrrr........whirrrrrrr from the automatic paper towel machine.  Silly me :).  It would have been wonderful to take a nice cold shower as well.  This was me after my run and for quite a while afterwards too.  Looked great with my newly coloured hair - hahahaha.  Thank goodness people are way too polite to say anything.

So, I'm waiting to cross the street by the Supreme Court and what do I see?  It was like Miami Vice meets King Louis XVI.  What was this guy thinking?  Starting a (strange) new fashion trend?  No socks kind of throws me when wearing a suit (…

Friday is a good day to recharge

I'm calling it a recharging day instead of an "I'm too tired to bike today" day.  With luck I'll even get out running this weekend.  I have to say that it has been a boring two days of taking the bus.  No one was doing anything noteworthy on any of my rides, even the one to the Rideau Centre yesterday.  Come on folks, I'm counting on you to brighten my day with laughter and awe.

Still no word from the world of Garda.  I guess no one cares that they almost ran me down.  I need to think about a campaign to get every driver to check to the right when they are turning right because so many don't do it now, even to look for pedestrians.  Any ideas?  Obviously wearing bright green isn't working.  Maybe if I make myself a billboard for my back while I'm biking.  A flashing sign for on top of my helmet?

Have a wonderful day everyone and a great weekend.

Garda was not guarding my flank today.

I slogged through rain and sleet and snow and hail and freezing weather (ok, there was no hail) biking to work this morning.  My feet are still cold.  What is my reward for my perseverance?  I almost got run over by a Garda truck.  I do not want my time here to end by being run over by a money truck.  What an epitaph that would be "Here lies Sandra, she's finally in the money!".   I emailed the company to request that they remind their drivers to check their right mirror before turning right.  I was in the lovely bike lane on Laurier Avenue and when the light turned green I foolishly started through the intersection when the truck started turning right.  I had to move out of the way until someone in the truck could see me (in my bright green jacket no less) and they stopped.  Plus, I was only a block from work.  We'll see if I get a response back from them.

I had to add this photo because the geese are so cute and fluffy.

Looking forward to tea time with Deb and G…

It's a Celebration!

This is my 200th post.

I think that's a good reason to celebrate with new shoes, don't you.  Aren't they the best colour?  They look great with my accidental first day of work dress.
Wasn't yesterday and amazing rain day?  There was so much rain at times that I wasn't sure that some of my plants weren't going to float away.  I used the sprinkler for a long time on Saturday night which, of course, meant that it was finally going to rain.  Can't wait for the water bill!  It's amazing how fast everything greens up after a rain.  Thanks Mother Nature.
A sad thing happened with the rain though.  Our new back door leaked from the top like there was no tomorrow.  Glad I noticed before we had a lake in the laundry room.  Our contractor is coming today to take a look but it seems that a drip tray (lip) (thingy) was not put on top of the door so the huge rain ran down the house and right into the inside walls.  Hopefully an easy fix.

I have to give a big shout ou…

Catch Up Friday

Well it is Friday once again (holy cow time flies these days) and I thought it is time for a round up of the weeks sights, sounds and stories. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were bike days.Tuesday had a lunch hour run added in.I realized on Wednesday that biking three days in a row and running are not a good thing.My back was very sore so yesterday was a rest day.It helped somewhat but hey, that’s what Tylenol is for.Back on the bike today.Gorgeous morning….again.

I quit the gym this week.
Actually, I quit the Y because it just isn’t convenient to commute back and forth to that building when there is a gym in our building.It is maybe a third the size of the Y but it is good enough for me.It is much easier to park my bike in our garage and then just go upstairs to the gym.I’ll really miss the towel service at the Y and the fact that I had a permanent locker to store my stuff.
On Tuesday I forgot deodorant but since I went for a run at lunch I had two showers while at the office.
On We…