Did you really need to be such an ass?

Here I was in my Happy Place this morning.  Gorgeous outside.  Friday.  Communed with nature (squirrels, bunnies and ducks).  No big wind to make my ride harder.  Perfect biking temperature.  What more could a girl ask for?  And then..........

I wish it had been Clint but it was just a young grumpy guy.  I go on the sidewalk on my bike for a short distance so that I can get into the parking garage.  There is me and the guy and yards and yards (oh , I'm dating myself) of sidewalk around us and he says "Get off your bike and walk!!!!!!!!!"  In my head I gave him the finger because I had both hands on the handlebars.  Was there a need to ruin my happy place?  Seriously, it is 7:00 a.m. on a gorgeous Friday morning and you are an ass.  I hope that you get stuck in your horrible little dark office all day and don't get invited to the group lunch where they will take over an hour and enjoy pizza and beer.  Then I hope you get stuck on a bus with a million hot, sweaty, grumpy people just like yourself. 

 Hmmm, that helped.  Getting back to my Happy Place now that I've vented.

Definitely in my Happy Place now.

Today's fashion faux pas....

No one over the age of 3 should wear a romper.  Especially a yellow romper.  Am I right?

Happy Hot Hot Hot Friday everyone.


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