When your life flashes before your eyes....swear...a lot

Finally, rain, much needed rain.  I knew it would happen because I watered the garden yesterday.  Not looking forward to my next water bill.  At least today's rain will fill up my rain barrels.

Welcome to Monday of a short work week.  Best kind of week.  Have you all got fun Canada Day plans?  Picnics, fireworks, wandering around cute little towns.  That's what our plans are and I can't wait to spend time with the family.  It has been a while since everyone has been so busy.

For those that didn't know, I was one step closer to Heaven this morning and I was not happy about it.  Some idiot (I had much more colourful language for him at the time) decided to speed down Prince of Wales near Hog's Back and pass a car on the right.  Now, you are not supposed to do that in the first place AND I WAS ON THE RIGHT.  His car came so close.  Jackass!!  I'm sure wherever he was going was much more important than my life.  All I can hope is that karma will kick his ass.

While I was grumbling about this and continuing my soggy commute this morning (it was actually fun going through so many puddles even without a front fender to keep the gravel off of my person) I saw up in the distance .... what could it be?....a beautiful beacon to guide me forward....to make up for almost getting maimed....oh, sigh.......pitter patter went my heart.....

It could have been this guy.  Oh my but the shirtless young man running towards me was such a beauty.  Thank you whatever power is out there for making me smile...and sigh...and sigh some more.  Put me right back into my happy spot.

Of course you know this couldn't last, right?  I am on the Queen Elizabeth Parkway because the path along the Canal is under construction and rather than hop on and off it is much easier to just stay on the Parkways and along side me comes a taxi van.  Now I have my headphones on and am enjoying my music and the fact that I am almost done my morning journey and this guy decides to slow down and tell me to get on the path and off the road.  I gave him my bestest smile.

I looked, and looked and looked and saw no signs saying that bicycles are not allowed on the road.  Commercial vehicles are not allowed, but bikes are.  Stupid taxi guy!!!

This week we are on the hunt for new bike helmets.  Jonathan and I biked to see our friend Les yesterday and yes, it was pretty hot.  I looked over at Jonathan at one point and his helmet was falling apart.  His solution is to glue it but I think that our brains are worth more than a bit of glue and it is time to invest in new helmets.  I have fallen in mine a time or two so it is probably a good idea to invest in one for myself as well.

So....for those of you fortunate to be off this week, first, sorry about the rain but you are still very lucky to be not working.  So what can you do on a wonderful day like today?  Here are some ideas.  My favourites are making mud soup and making walnut boats and going out to float them in the puddles.


I washed off a ton of gravel from my morning commute and had better get my work day started.  Have a great Canada Day week everyone.


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