Would you wear these shoes?

Would you wear these wild and wacky shoes?  Do you think I would?

I was out for a run yesterday.  I meant to just go for a walk at lunch but you know me....walking is hard and takes too long so I had to run.  It was wonderful.  I have to remember to always bring a towel though.  Because I was only planning a walk I didn't bring one and, well, it was time for a sink bath again and lots of whirrrrrrrrrrrrr...........whirrrrrrrrrrrr........whirrrrrrr from the automatic paper towel machine.  Silly me :).  It would have been wonderful to take a nice cold shower as well.  This was me after my run and for quite a while afterwards too.  Looked great with my newly coloured hair - hahahaha.  Thank goodness people are way too polite to say anything.

So, I'm waiting to cross the street by the Supreme Court and what do I see?  It was like Miami Vice meets King Louis XVI.  What was this guy thinking?  Starting a (strange) new fashion trend?  No socks kind of throws me when wearing a suit (or most of). 


Check out how much the corn has grown in the last two weeks.  Mmmmm.

I had to stop along the Canal this morning to take a picture of whatever these plants are.  They are so beautiful but are too far away for me to see what they could be.

Have a spectacular day everyone.  It's going to be a scorcher and I can't wait to be out in it for my ride home tonight.

Oh, I almost forgot to add this photo.  I found this in the fridge at work this morning.

Check out the expiry date.  What a treasure.

I forgot to mention that I have paid it forward.  Remember the nice guy who stopped to see if I was ok when I was stopped at the side of the road on my bike?  Well, I was leaving our building after work yesterday and stopped a woman in front of me to gently (it is hard to know just how to approach someone on this) tell her that her dress was tucked into her underwear.   I'm pretty sure if it was me I'd be mortified but we had a chuckle.  I'm sure she would have eventually noticed when she could feel the warm sun on her butt but I would hope that someone would do the same for me should (God forbid) this be me some day.


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