Catch Up Friday

New Friday Shoes
Well it is Friday once again (holy cow time flies these days) and I thought it is time for a round up of the weeks sights, sounds and stories.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were bike days.  Tuesday had a lunch hour run added in.  I realized on Wednesday that biking three days in a row and running are not a good thing.  My back was very sore so yesterday was a rest day.  It helped somewhat but hey, that’s what Tylenol is for.  Back on the bike today.  Gorgeous morning….again.
Feeling you see him?
Hanging out with the love birds on Tuesday's run.  Hmmm, I look like I disapprove.  Sorry kids.

Tuesday's Run

Tuesday morning at Hog's Back.  What a great way to start the day.

I quit the gym this week.

I want to go to the Star Wars gym
Actually, I quit the Y because it just isn’t convenient to commute back and forth to that building when there is a gym in our building.  It is maybe a third the size of the Y but it is good enough for me.  It is much easier to park my bike in our garage and then just go upstairs to the gym.  I’ll really miss the towel service at the Y and the fact that I had a permanent locker to store my stuff.

On Tuesday I forgot deodorant but since I went for a run at lunch I had two showers while at the office.

On Wednesday I forgot to bring a towel (but I remembered deodorant) so when I got to work I had to have a sink bath.  That’s not so bad but we have electric paper towel dispensers in the building so all you could hear was whirrrrrrrrrr……….whirrrrrrrrrrrrr………….. whirrrrrrrrrr……….whirrrrrrrrrrrrr………. whirrrrrrrrrr……….whirrrrrrrrrrrrr…………… whirrrrrrrrrr……….whirrrrrrrrrrrrr………… whirrrrrrrrrr……….whirrrrrrrrrrrrr………….. whirrrrrrrrrr……….whirrrrrrrrrrrrr………. whirrrrrrrrrr……….whirrrrrrrrrrrrr…………… whirrrrrrrrrr……….whirrrrrrrrrrrrr as I had to keep getting the small paper towels that come out in order to dry myself.  The ladies in the change room stared but it is better than the alternative which was not to bathe, right?
I'll do this next time :)

Thursday I had it all together since I took the bus but the humid weather totally demolished the lovely hairdo I had created before leaving the house.  Are you getting the theme of my life yet?  Oh that’s right, you guys already know that nothing is simple in my life but there is always a bit of humour to be found (although not always right away).

This morning….oh so gorgeous out. 
There was a family with tiny ducks on the other side but they are well hidden in this picture.

What did I forget today you are thinking?  Well, first I forgot to work on making my list of things I need to make sure I pack in my bag before heading to work on my bike.  Excuse me a moment…………..there, it is on a yellow sticky (again).  This morning I realized before leaving the house that I had my MP3 at the office because I had packed a bag to go running yesterday.  Did I mention the story of my other MP3?  Well…..a word of advice to all, never put your MP3 in your sports bra on a hot day and then bike 20 km.  You know what happens?  It gets damp.  When it gets damp it screws up things inside it.  I have had it sitting in a bowl of rice for days and I still can’t get it to work.  It thinks that it is on hold when its not so I can’t get any music out of it.  Sigh……….  Well, incentive to put tunes on my new work iPhone.      So there was a lot of listening to myself think this morning which is not always a good thing J.

I got to the gym and was pretty proud of myself for remembering to bring a towel and then I realized that I forgot deodorant (but at least I have some in my gym bag under my desk) and a hairbrush.  A hairbrush is a pretty essential tool. I managed to get myself together and here I am at work dressed and looking (sort of) presentable.

A tidbit from this week:

  • To the ladies I have seen running along the canal in their yoga tops, one word of advice – COMPRESSION.  It can be your friend as well as the friend of the people who have to watch you bouncing around.
What was this guy thinking when he bought this suit?  What was she thinking going out in public with him?

I'll do my best to continue my "fun" life this weekend so there will be lots to talk about next week.  Enjoy everyone.


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