RED ALERT...RED ALERT....sorry, that just needed to be said.

My physiotherapist said its now time to get new orthotics if I'm going to start running again.  I thought it would be prudent to check them out before going so I pulled the ones out of my good running shoes and found this:

Well, I guess you can't really read them.  One of them says 2013 and the other says 2011.  I checked my other pair of running shoes and one of them said 2013 and the other 2011.  No wonder I've been a little off kilter.  Glad I checked them before going to get new ones and they saw my error.  I totally blame being in a cast for so long and having to put an orthotic in only one shoe so they got all mixed up.

That is my tale of the day....but its early yet kids.


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