February 9, 2015

Yesterday was such a busy day that there was no time to catch you up on my weekend gym tale.  Saturday night I went to the gym (I know, what an exciting life I lead) and it was filled with Popeye's.  It started when I walked in and there was a young man who had such lovely eyes and holy cow but was he jacked.  I thought he looked like Popeye but after looking at pictures it appears that Popeye was a little weirdly shaped.  What is with those forearms?  So, after some looking (and yes, ogling) I believe that under his shirt, he actually looked like this.  Ladies, can you say mmmmmmmm?

Inside the gym there were more body builder guys and one lady who were also quite jacked.  Seems like it would be way too much work to me.  There is one guy I've seen a few times who is quite annoying because he keeps dropping the weight bar from chest height.  If you can go to all the trouble of lifting the darn thing can't you also put it down a little more gently?  Seriously! 
I was quite proud of myself for walk/running for 30 minutes which is the first time in months and months and months and ....well, you get the picture.  I won't share with you how sore the foot was on Sunday but no pain, no gain.  So after my walk/run I got on the ginormous stair climber machine.  There is another one beside it but it is broken.  I'm starting my walk up the stairway to nowhere and this man comes over and throws his leg up on the machine beside me and starts his stretching routine.  The gym is huge, why there buddy?  And, if you are going to wear gym shorts don't throw your legs up three feet in the air...we don't want any wardrobe malfunctions at the gym.  I thought that maybe he was waiting for his turn on the machine but after I climbed 52 flights and got off (wearily), he didn't get on the machine.   Guess he just needed a captive audience.
Sunday I helped to carry in the new hardwood floors and that was an upper body workout - those boxes are seriously heavy.
Ladies, feel free to make the guy above your screen saver ..... doing my civic duty to help you through your work day.


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