Today is a bit of a throwback Tuesday because I am feeling whiney and need a reminder of where I was 6 months ago and have far my foot has come – both feet are now encased in fabulous shoes.  Today started with a flat tire which resulted in a longer bus ride which resulted in cold feet which resulted in being too late to go to the gym and being very early at work.  Thinking that today was a meeting day I didn’t bring my gym stuff only to find out that it is not a meeting day.  I have a birthday present to buy today so I’ll venture to the Rideau Centre and get that done instead although the gym is more necessary than fighting the hordes at the Rideau Centre.  Although, who knows what kind of interesting things I will see to share with you all.
I thought I would share an older post with you today.

January 1, 2015
The gym is a little like going to the circus (at least the one near my house is).  There is a body builder we’ll call Popeye who is so amazing because he has to be at least 60 – I am in awe.  He has a friend who we’ll call “no neck” because he literally has no neck, just hugeness.  There are many young women who are bodybuilders at that gym and they amaze me at how many pull ups they can do when I can’t manage one.  The older folks all came out on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and I love them for their enthusiasm and no fear of wearing spandex.

There was a guy riding one of the bikes wearing a gas mask.  Apparently, after Googling it, it is a training mask but really, he looked like Hannibal.  Plus, what are you training for – bank robbery?
For fashion fun there are the older gents who pull their sweats up really high which is in stark contrast to the young man who had his so low that we got to watch his ugly grey boxers as he paraded around the gym flexing his arms after doing all of three pull downs.  Very attractive!

New Year’s Day was thrilling because I ran 5 km on the treadmill…first time in 5 months.  Driving home that day I saw a medium sized dog in a pink onesie.  Why?‼?!?!  If your dog can’t handle the cold once of you needs to move to Florida.  Plus, poor dog will be ridiculed by other dogs.
Enjoy your day everyone.


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