Perfect Freezing Friday shoes, right?
The girls (yes, when we shop we are girls) and I are so excited to be going on our Epic Shopping Adventure tomorrow even if I have to get up at 4:45 a.m.  Made a huge pot of turkey soup so the guys won't starve or just live on pizza.  I am not quite sure where 5 turkey legs came  from but I'm thinking Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014.  Seriously time to do something with them.
Apparently the guys just can't understand why we would get up so early for shopping but we run our shopping adventures like boot camp.  We have to be at the mall a half hour before it opens so that we can have a cup of tea, make our battle plan (that job belongs to Sergeant Steph) and go to the bathroom before the stores open.  Many of you know that we shop with military precision to make the most effective use of our time.  Sunday we get to sleep in because we are at a hotel close to the other mall and it doesn't open until 10 although we will make an attempt at going to the gym to loosen those tired achy muscles for another day of shopping.  Two days of no cooking, laundry or cleaning.....Give me a Hallelujah.
One day all of our friends can come and we’ll rent a van or possibly a train.  What an awesome trip that would be.

Ridiculously cold again this morning but after almost getting frostbite yesterday I was prepared for it this morning.  Hat, scarf, coat, sweater, gloves, mitts, pants, splash pants and hard core boots (which are a little painful to wear I have to say).  Monday I hope the physiotherapist gives me a recommendation for a new place to get orthotics because the guy I have been seeing for too many years to count no longer works where I was going.  I really hope new orthotics are the key to being able to run (almost) pain free.
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  I know you will be waiting anxiously to see the wonderful things we bought and to hear all about our adventures.


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