Well, we are half way through the work week and the weather is pretty good.  Hopefully the weather will stay nice for Sunday's trip to Winterlude to view the ice sculptures and for the kids to have their winter beaver tail.
I had a supplement to yesterday's post but was too busy to get it out so here it is.  I went to the gym at lunch (which is a different crowd than in the morning) and it was a cornucopia of people.  I got on the treadmill at the back of the room because when you are doing a 2 minute walk/3 minute run you don't want to attract too much attention to yourself (or at least not until I can get that t-shirt which says "Excuse the slowness, I'm recovering from foot surgery").  In front of me is a man who is running like his pants, legs, feet and shoes are all on fire.  It was pretty exhausting just watching him go.  I couldn't watch him for long because it makes me sad that I won't ever reach that level of speed so I turned to the elliptical machines and there in the front row is an older gentleman who is wearing a light yellow shirt that is soaked and now see through....thank goodness I only got the back view.  He also has braids.  The whole picture was disturbing.  Then the pants-on-fire guy gets off the treadmill and who gets on but bare butt lady.  Yep, nothing lovelier to watch than a woman who has half her butt showing because she's wearing stripper capris.  Where else would you buy pants like that but at a stripper store?

Not all of you may be aware but we have a lot of food on wheels downtown.  Right in front of our building is a truck that has a variety of foods each week.  Yesterday was shepherd’s pie that I have to say sounded amazing.  What I can't get my head around are people who go to the seafood truck.  It’s called Mobile Seafood.  Well, it was mobile while it was alive I suppose.  I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about germs if I bought seafood from a truck.  This is the City's way to try to make trucks "gourmet".  Give me a chip truck any day!


  1. Poutine is the way to go...that is pretty much all I buy from food trucks. There are a couple new ones in Stittsville though, a sandwich one called "The Wiches Cauldron", my daughters said was very good, a pulled pork/smoked rib one, which is supposed to be amazing and one that you can get some thai food, haven't tried that one either. The Glen also has a fish and chip wagon on Hazeldean road in Stittsville too! I like the variety.


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