Best line of the day: I'm fine, didn't get any mosquito bites on the way to work today.

It is so hard not to walk up to people like this and say 'WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?  DO YOU NOT HAVE A MIRROR?"  Such an unfortunate outfit and I'm sorry but the hair clashes with your hat.
Day 2 of home renovations and things are looking so much better.
 Day 1 the back door looked like this.        Day 2 the door looked like this.

Day 1 Living Room                                    Day 2 Living Room

Day 1 Living Room to hallway                                         Day 2 hall way

Day 1 Dining Room                                                  Day 2 Dining Room


I am very excited to see what progress is made today.  I think I'll make the contractors some cookies this weekend.  They are doing a fabulous job.

Plans for the weekend?  Bought a new mop to use on the hardwood so I'll be spending a lot of quality time with it as well as cleaning all the sawdust and drywall dust that has settled everywhere.  I noticed in the basement this morning that there is sawdust down there as well from them hamering on the floor in the living room.  Maybe I'll have it all cleaned up by spring....since spring probably won't show up for a few more months!


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