It has been a quiet week on the bus and gym front.  Yesterday on the way to work the guy in front of me kept me smiling every time I looked up from my book because his hat said MOO.  I’m sure there was more to it but that’s the part I could see.  On the way home on Tuesday I was waiting at the bus stop and a group of people saw their bus and one said “he better stop” and then others echoed it.  I wanted to say  “or what?”  Are you going to swear at the bus as its driving away? They don’t care because they can’t hear you.  I have to confess that after working late yesterday and checking the OC Transpo website to see what time the bus was coming, I left the building and watched the bus drive away -  it was early!  I did swear.  Doesn’t really make you feel better.
This morning at the gym it was pretty smelly in the change room.  I gave it some thought and yes, my clothes were clean and I didn’t sweat too much in my gym wear so I didn’t think it was me.  Then I went to the front of the change room to get my coat and almost fell over with the smell of one woman’s boots.  Sister you really need to throw those out!  I hope that she doesn’t keep them under her desk at work because all the people she works near will be dying. 

As an aside, women who have joined the (sad) ranks of over 50 will relate to this.  I got a letter from the Ontario Breast Screening Program as a reminder that It’s time to have my poor body (well, part of it) squeezed between two very cold pieces of metal.  I dutifully put the paper away and thought nothing more of it….defensive mechanism perhaps?  Got home yesterday to another letter “a few weeks ago we sent you a letter….”  Jeepers, are you people stalkers?  FINE, I’ll make an appointment!

Only two more sleeps until our Epic Girls Shopping Weekend.


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