My pantyhose don't really look like this but wouldn't they be fun if they did.
Great shoes sort of help when you are feeling crappy.  Looks like I wasn't able to dodge the cold germs that were hanging around the house.  I told Jonathan that he was feeling better because he passed his germs on to Stephanie and me so I went to the gym this morning hoping to share my germs so that I will feel better soon.  Its not working so far but I'll keep trying.

I have to say that this has been a disappointing people watching week so far. Nothing exciting is happening at the gym but then again, I haven't gone to the one near home which is where most of the interesting folks hang out.

Have you all decided on your Valentine's Day plans?  Dinner, dancing, moonlight walks with a loved one?  I have you beat.  We'll be pulling up carpet and baseboards on Valentine's day.  Maybe I'll be able to find some red face masks so that we'll seem festive.  Anyone want to join us?  We'll all feel the love of putting the icky old carpets in the trash.  Can't wait to see what kind of flooring Minto has put underneath the carpets.  Finding out that they hadn't put a floor in under the fireplace was an eye opener so the flooring....could be interesting.

Next up....putting an umbrella on top of the chimney so it will stop leaking into the basement.  Maybe one with polka dots.....

Enjoy your day everyone.


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