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I am choosing happiness today

Despite having a person in my office who is snarky and rude and has no people skills when it comes to giving instructions, I will prevail and keep having happy thoughts today.  She is becoming just like on of my old bosses (AF for those who know).  My door is closed (thank goodness I have one), tea is ready and work is waiting...oh, and a nice sniff of my candle that smells like the beach) and I'm ready for the work day to begin.

This is your warning

IT IS ONLY 6 MONTHS UNTIL CHRISTMAS It is never too early to start your shopping....I wear a size 8 shoe in case you need to know and also love gift cards - LOL I have to admit that I have been Christmas shopping for a while now and have a nice little stash started. So, with all the interesting clothing that I see people wear both on the bus and downtown, I wonder if I'll see any of these ugly sweater suits this year.  I think they would be  hilarious and I'd wear one if they had them for women.  I'm partial to the blue one.

Monday Musings

Monday's come far too soon and last way too long.

Arun, Kieran and I had a great run at the Ultimate Run for Men's Cancers yesterday morning.  It was very humid (and much like running in soup) but we had great times for the 5K.  We even saw a team doing the 2K walk wearing suits of armour.  How spectacular is that.  I am going to try to see if I can convince them at work to wear costumes next time...although I work with lawyers who aren't really the most flexible of folks :) Isn't this bike bubbler the most fun thing?  I think I may need one for my bike.  Can you picture me biking to work down the Ottawa River Parkway with bubbles coming out of the back of the bike.  I know that my Nordion friends would have approved if I had one last year.   I bet I'd make more than one person smile.  Maybe if it goes on sale.... 

It was a nice Dad's day yesterday.  Steve and the kids had a nice time, presents were great and dinner was very good.  Steph brought a fabulous des…

Post Surgery Gibberish

Had to laugh this morning when I looked at my phone and saw a text that I sent to my daughter after waking from dental surgery.  We both laughed while deciphering what I was attempting to say.

Don't know hiw to get car homre  Fad gas to get me.  So sleepy. There should be a law that allows the dentist to take away your electronic devices until someone comes to pick you up.  I'm glad that I at least sent it to a family member and not a co-worker. I should be able to run the 5K Run For Men's Cancers this Sunday in record time as I am a couple of grams lighter after having a tooth removed. LOL Have a great weekend everyone.

Guess where I am going today?

Going to the dentist is bad enough but to not be able to eat or drink is a killer.  My kingdom for a cup of tea!!!  Fingers are crossed that this will not be the "difficult" extraction that they think it will be because I have far too much to do today to be put to sleep so its freezing only.  Only 2 more hours to wait.

Oh, and there are a lot of seriously gross pictures of dental procedures on Google.

Hordes of young people everywhere

It felt like every student in Ontario was downtown while I was out for my run today.  I know that the teachers in Ontario don't want to prepare report cards but they don't seem to mind taking the students on field trips. It was fine while I was running in Quebec but once I got back near the Parliament Buildings, oh my but what a crowd.  So many little people everywhere.  They are not inclined to walk single file or to move when one person wants to get by.  I was trying to get up the stairs at the locks and I felt like poor Leo below trying to get through.  I was trying to be polite and said excuse me a zillion times but they all seemed to be in their own worlds which did not include other pedestrians. Now I made it through the hordes and was crossing (on the green) at Wellington and Sparks and a car coming around the corner didn't care that there were pedestrians crossing on the walk signal.  By this time I was hot, tired, a wee bit cranky so I stopped in front of the SUV…

A perfect morning

What a gorgeous start to the day.  Looking forward to a nice sunny run at lunch.
Hope everyone has a chance to get out at some point today to enjoy the summery weather.

You say Tomato and I say Tomato

Went for a run at lunch yesterday and came back to work looking like this cutie. Well, actually, I really looked like this woman.  Man its humid these days.
I went for a long run on Saturday over the new bridge to Manotick.  I found my next home.  It is nessled in the trees on the river and convenient to the bridge.  I just need to find a very rich, very, very old guy to leave me lots of money :)  I found a great park that was filled with people playing in the splash area, having bbq's and just enjoying the day.  There were also ponies and a goat who had pool noodles on his horns.  I imagine this was so he wouldn't hurt the kids but he looked very funny.  I hope the ponies didn't laugh at him.

I spent Saturday evening creating this Super Pops (I know - what an exciting social life you have Sandra!).  These super pops are for my run team for this weekends Run for Men's Cancers.  In my books, everyone is a super hero for joining the team.

Sunday was another lovely day s…

I'm in a purple haze

Look at this lovely little picture that was bestowed upon me by a wonderful lady at work.  It hasn't taken long for my shoe reputation to take hold here and I love knowing that people think of me when they see shoes (mostly really nice ones).  Yet another wonderful person in my life.

A friend and I went to lunch which turned out not to be a walk to the Byward Market because when I left the building it was overcast, cold and raining so we went for tea.  Of course, while we were having tea the sun came out.  Anyways, we were sitting there enjoying a good gossip and this young woman comes to sit near us.  She had on a purple dress, purple shoes, purple earrings and very, very purple lipstick.  She also had on super long black nails.  Other than that she looked quite regular :).  Obviously when I am coordinating my shoes with my outfits (pink today) I should also be coordinating my lipstick.  Hmmmm, what colour tomorrow?

Name of the Day

Going through some old records at work and came across this name:  HEDWIGA BUXBAUM

What a name!  Google it and there was a woman named Hedwiga Reicher who played Dracula's Daughter.  Name sorta suits her, doesn't it?  Hee Hee

Oh but I want these.

The boss is back from the UK today.  I wonder if he brought me back these gorgeous shoes?   I think I deserve them since it was my 6 month anniversary here on Monday, I'm a loyal, hardworking (most of the time), fun, friendly, engaging, reliable, fashionable....well, obviously I could go on but I'll stop...employee.  Maybe I should have put that in an email and sent it to him before he left London.

Yesterday I followed a woman to the bus stop and I marvelled at how she seemed to be walking while trying to keep something between her knees.  Had to be that because why would you take such tiny little steps in life if not for that.  Is that a new inner thigh workout.  Maybe I should try it because mine could certainly use some toning.  Plus, really, it would take her a week to walk a block.  On top of that she had on a skirt that went to her ankles (so you couldn't actually see if there was something between her knees) and the pointiest toed shoes I've seen since.....well…

Are you looking for interesting art?

I feel like Lindsay Lohan ...

Today is my 6 month anniversary at work which means the end of my probation period, just like Lindsay! I wonder if the boss will bring me those lovely shoes back from England as a celebratory gift? Great weekend.  Spent lots of time with the kids. We went to Alta Vista on Saturday morning to check out their community garage sale.  We all came out with a lot of treasures. He is my favourite.  Such an interesting look on his face. We can't wait for family game night so we can see what this game is about.  International Intrigue sounds so ....well, intriguing. I am a huge fan of pop up books and couldn't resist this Dr. Suess favourite.  The pages are fantastic.  The Who's are very busy people (creatures?).
The kids had a blast figuring out which Mr. or Miss they are most like.   These will be fun to read with Eddie and Charlie when they visit us next.

Only two weeks until the Ultimate Run for Men's Cancer.  Sent the Team out their Monday treats to help keep their motiva…

So gorgeous

My boss is in London right now so I sent him a picture of these gorgeous shoes, the name of the store and, of course, my shoe size.  I wonder if I'll get a surprise when he comes back. Probably not but one can dream. 

Hey Kevin...maybe when you are next in the UK you could pick them up for me???

So many seasons in one weekend

Our trip to Montreal was great despite the weather.  It was so hot on our trip down and the air conditioning in my car is broken.  Apparently it has to be vacuumed to remove the moisture.  A job for another day.  We had a great lunch at a Venezuelan restaurant recommended by Steph.  After lunch we hit a joke shop and then Steph and I went to Boutique 1851.  So many pretty clothes but it turned out that the wait time to try clothes on was 45 minutes!!  Just to try them on.  Needless to say, we left.  There is another location so we went there and Steph found a lovely dress.

Steph and I HAD to go into Nine West on St. Catherines because they were having a SALE.  It was the saddest day ever - they didn't have any shoes that I really don't already have.  Someone needs to come up with some exciting new shoes.  Mind you, todays shoe is so pretty and really colourful.  Everyone certainly has noticed them :)

We also went to the old stadium that the Canadiens played at and the Y was h…