You say Tomato and I say Tomato

Went for a run at lunch yesterday and came back to work looking like this cutie.
Well, actually, I really looked like this woman.  Man its humid these days.

I went for a long run on Saturday over the new bridge to Manotick.  I found my next home.  It is nessled in the trees on the river and convenient to the bridge.  I just need to find a very rich, very, very old guy to leave me lots of money :)  I found a great park that was filled with people playing in the splash area, having bbq's and just enjoying the day.  There were also ponies and a goat who had pool noodles on his horns.  I imagine this was so he wouldn't hurt the kids but he looked very funny.  I hope the ponies didn't laugh at him.

I spent Saturday evening creating this Super Pops (I know - what an exciting social life you have Sandra!).  These super pops are for my run team for this weekends Run for Men's Cancers.  In my books, everyone is a super hero for joining the team.

Sunday was another lovely day so J and I got on our bikes and went back over the bridge to Manotick.  We watched the boats and seadoos on the river and then had lunch on a bench beside this tiny little cemetery.  There are some very old stones and I'm glad to see that they made a nice fence for it in the park. 


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