Hordes of young people everywhere

It felt like every student in Ontario was downtown while I was out for my run today.  I know that the teachers in Ontario don't want to prepare report cards but they don't seem to mind taking the students on field trips.
It was fine while I was running in Quebec but once I got back near the Parliament Buildings, oh my but what a crowd.  So many little people everywhere.  They are not inclined to walk single file or to move when one person wants to get by.  I was trying to get up the stairs at the locks and I felt like poor Leo below trying to get through.  I was trying to be polite and said excuse me a zillion times but they all seemed to be in their own worlds which did not include other pedestrians.
Now I made it through the hordes and was crossing (on the green) at Wellington and Sparks and a car coming around the corner didn't care that there were pedestrians crossing on the walk signal.  By this time I was hot, tired, a wee bit cranky so I stopped in front of the SUV and just stood there.  I kind of wish that they had gotten out of the car because, you know, sometimes a little violence does a body good.
I got back to the gym and there was a woman there who was shaving...her face!  Seriously.  Personally, if I needed to shave my face I would do it in the privacy of my own home because I would be embarassed.  It is amazing though that we have to have signs up at the gym that you can't shave in the showers because people do (ewwww).  They also brush their teeth there which I think is icky.  But, back to the woman shaving....she wasn't as pretty as the one below I have to say - lol.

Finally, on my way back to the office and I saw Elvira.  Remember her?  This was a young Elvira though.  Black patterned pantyhose, black dress, black shoes, black hair, serious black eyeliner and I think she powdered her face because it was very white.  She didn't coordinate her lipstick though like the purple lady.  Elvia had very red lips.

Love downtown!!


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