Oh but I want these.

The boss is back from the UK today.  I wonder if he brought me back these gorgeous shoes?   I think I deserve them since it was my 6 month anniversary here on Monday, I'm a loyal, hardworking (most of the time), fun, friendly, engaging, reliable, fashionable....well, obviously I could go on but I'll stop...employee.  Maybe I should have put that in an email and sent it to him before he left London.

Yesterday I followed a woman to the bus stop and I marvelled at how she seemed to be walking while trying to keep something between her knees.  Had to be that because why would you take such tiny little steps in life if not for that.  Is that a new inner thigh workout.  Maybe I should try it because mine could certainly use some toning.  Plus, really, it would take her a week to walk a block.  On top of that she had on a skirt that went to her ankles (so you couldn't actually see if there was something between her knees) and the pointiest toed shoes I've seen since.....well, ever. 
Seriously, I'd be tripping trying to walk in these shoes.  Maybe that's why she took such tiny steps so she wouldn't trip.  Then to top off this interesting ensemble, she had long blond hair and large sunglasses on but the arms of the sunglasses were over top of her hair so you could see them.  Not a good look.  I'd find that pretty uncomfortable too.  Maybe she worried that her hair would fly around when she jumped on her broom....sorry, got carried away with the Wicked Witch of the West shoe theme.
Today I am sure that everyone on the bus was thrilled to enjoy the smell of my hardboiled eggs....bahahahaha.  Glad that I was on a bus that I don't normally take.  I parked at a different park and ride as its Bus Strike Ladies Dinner night.  One of my favourite evenings.  A few hours spent having dinner with the ladies I carpooled with (and worked with) during the bus strike years ago.  It is a little touch of old home week.  Had tea the other night with a former co-worker from Nordion and am going to the Market at lunch with yet another former Nordion co-worker.  Dinner next week with  another former Nordion co-worker.  Old, dear friends are the very best and we really aren't old, right ladies? :)


  1. My you are one busy lady! :) Keep being you! Love the first shoes!! You definitely need those....


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