I'm in a purple haze

Look at this lovely little picture that was bestowed upon me by a wonderful lady at work.  It hasn't taken long for my shoe reputation to take hold here and I love knowing that people think of me when they see shoes (mostly really nice ones).  Yet another wonderful person in my life.

A friend and I went to lunch which turned out not to be a walk to the Byward Market because when I left the building it was overcast, cold and raining so we went for tea.  Of course, while we were having tea the sun came out.  Anyways, we were sitting there enjoying a good gossip and this young woman comes to sit near us.  She had on a purple dress, purple shoes, purple earrings and very, very purple lipstick.  She also had on super long black nails.  Other than that she looked quite regular :).  Obviously when I am coordinating my shoes with my outfits (pink today) I should also be coordinating my lipstick.  Hmmmm, what colour tomorrow?


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