So many seasons in one weekend


Our trip to Montreal was great despite the weather.  It was so hot on our trip down and the air conditioning in my car is broken.  Apparently it has to be vacuumed to remove the moisture.  A job for another day.  We had a great lunch at a Venezuelan restaurant recommended by Steph.  After lunch we hit a joke shop and then Steph and I went to Boutique 1851.  So many pretty clothes but it turned out that the wait time to try clothes on was 45 minutes!!  Just to try them on.  Needless to say, we left.  There is another location so we went there and Steph found a lovely dress.

Steph and I HAD to go into Nine West on St. Catherines because they were having a SALE.  It was the saddest day ever - they didn't have any shoes that I really don't already have.  Someone needs to come up with some exciting new shoes.  Mind you, todays shoe is so pretty and really colourful.  Everyone certainly has noticed them :)

We also went to the old stadium that the Canadiens played at and the Y was having a fundraiser where everyone was doing Zumba.  It was great to listen to and there was one guy who was super enthusiastic with his dancing - fun to watch.

The kids were going to a Zelda Symphony at Place des Arts and on the way we got to listen to a band playing nearby.  Some of the people attending the symphony got dressed up as Zelda characters.  Interesting is all I can say.

Sunday we went to Old Montreal by the Port.  It reminded me of Europe with the cobblestone streets and old buildings.  Too bad it was windy and cold.  What is with this weather?!?!?!

I had a great weekend with the family but it was nice to get home.



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