Monday Musings

Monday's come far too soon and last way too long.

Arun, Kieran and I had a great run at the Ultimate Run for Men's Cancers yesterday morning.  It was very humid (and much like running in soup) but we had great times for the 5K.  We even saw a team doing the 2K walk wearing suits of armour.  How spectacular is that.  I am going to try to see if I can convince them at work to wear costumes next time...although I work with lawyers who aren't really the most flexible of folks :)
Isn't this bike bubbler the most fun thing?  I think I may need one for my bike.  Can you picture me biking to work down the Ottawa River Parkway with bubbles coming out of the back of the bike.  I know that my Nordion friends would have approved if I had one last year.   I bet I'd make more than one person smile.  Maybe if it goes on sale.... 

It was a nice Dad's day yesterday.  Steve and the kids had a nice time, presents were great and dinner was very good.  Steph brought a fabulous dessert which we can't wait to try again and again.
Lots of thoughts about my dad and how proud he would be of his grandchildren.


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