I feel like Lindsay Lohan ...

Today is my 6 month anniversary at work which means the end of my probation period, just like Lindsay! I wonder if the boss will bring me those lovely shoes back from England as a celebratory gift?
Great weekend.  Spent lots of time with the kids. We went to Alta Vista on Saturday morning to check out their community garage sale.  We all came out with a lot of treasures.
He is my favourite.  Such an interesting look on his face.
We can't wait for family game night so we can see what this game is about.  International Intrigue sounds so ....well, intriguing.
I am a huge fan of pop up books and couldn't resist this Dr. Suess favourite.  The pages are fantastic.  The Who's are very busy people (creatures?).

The kids had a blast figuring out which Mr. or Miss they are most like.   These will be fun to read with Eddie and Charlie when they visit us next.

Only two weeks until the Ultimate Run for Men's Cancer.  Sent the Team out their Monday treats to help keep their motivation up.  Thanks to all of you for your support.


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