Charlie Brown: I guess you were right, Linus. I shouldn't have picked this little tree.

Oh but Charlie Brown you picked a fantastic tree and now my office looks so Christmas-y.  I could use a pair of gold sparkly shoes just like that one too.

My day is going to be interesting I'm sure.  I got up late and, thinking I had an eye doctor's appointment today, drove in and was quite thrilled that I was only 15 minutes late getting in.  Turns out that the appointment is next Monday.  Now I get to pay $20 for parking for no reason.  Sigh...

I got on the elevator with a woman this morning who had a Guitar Hero box and chocolates and cookies.  I told her that this looked like the best way to start a week and she agreed.  I wonder if I could convince the powers to be here that we should also have a "band day".  I could totally be a back up singer.

After a fabulous wearing shorts bike-run yesterday with Jonathan, I was making dinner and went to open the oven door to check on the delicious chicken that was cooking and the door handle came half way off.  I heard a tinkle of the screw leaving its appointed spot on the door.  I had to carefully pull open the door from the sides until the oven cooled off and we, thankfully, located the screw and put it back where it belonged.  How the heck does that even happen?  I had visions of stove shopping before Christmas and while I'd love a new one, it is not in the budget for a long time.

Let's hope the rest of the week is totally uneventful.


  1. For those of you who haven't enjoyed Sandra's Charlie Brown Christmas tree here is the music that plays when you push the button.....

  2. Here's one with the kids dancing....


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