Blink, blink. blink

The Charlie Brown tree is getting so full of blinking ornaments.  Love it.

I am all set for a day of eating. I pushed and shoved to get on the bus this morning - that's arm work right?  I had to squeeze myself to not get eaten by the doors because people wouldn't move another inch to give me room.  That's working a lot of muscles.  I went to the gym for a quick run and some weights to add to the workout.  I wish I could get motivated enough to go to the gym every morning because it is lovely and quiet.  We are having our department lunch at the NAC today and I can't wait.  I've already scouted out the menu and plan to have salad with fresh squeezed grapefruit dressing (that sounds intersting) and roast garlic and herb chicken.  Doesn't that make your mouth water?  So much better than my usual stingy lunch.  This evening our former bus strike carpool group (unfortunately minus one sick woman) is going to dinner and I've check out that menu and plan on having salmon and seasonal veggies.  I am starving already!

Tomorrow it is back to the stingy food but it is working because I am getting back into my clothes that shrunk over the summer (hahaha).  All in preparation of having a few treats over the Christmas holidays.  I think anticipation makes everything taste that much better.

One more sleep and the work week is almost over kids. 


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