The things you see

I was at a seminar at lunch today.  It was very interesting.  All about social media and litigation.  Basically, anything you put out there (like this) can be found and used in a litigation matter.  Although I kind of knew this from watching Criminal Minds.

Anyways, the boardroom we were in has a great view of Parliament Hill and I noticed that there is a spot on the Peace Tower that (to me) looks like two guys bent over.  Look at the two upside down U shaped things above the window near the bottom.  Don't you see two guys bending over to pick up the little black squares?  Or it could be that there heads are stuck in the building.  You see it right?  Or maybe I need my eyes checked which I am doing that in two weeks :).

I found their enormous boardroom very cold so I needed to keep myself amused while trying to keep warm.


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