Sum, sum, summertime in the city....

It is so nice to be able to still be wearing my fabulous shoes outdoors.  I have to admit that soon a little snow would be nice but right now....awesome.  I went for a run at lunch (in shorts woo hoo) and it was spectacular outside.  Lots of smiling people out enjoying the gorgeous day.
I almost felt like this guy running on a beach.  Would have been extra nice to see someone like him running but

I am off tomorrow but have a ton of chores to do before Charlie and Eddie come for a sleepover.  I am finally getting the car rustproofed although it seems a little silly to do it at this point.  This is Canada after all and eventually we'll be able to complain about the cold and snow.

There are so many Christmas lunches and parties around this time of the year.  I hope you all get to enjoy all of the deliciousness of the season and the company of friends and family.


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