It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas

Well, not with the weather it isn't but there was a little boy at the front of my bus this morning who was singing Jingle Bells.  Same line over and over but with such enthusiasm.  I could hear his mom trying to shush him and I wanted to say no, let him sing.  Everyone needed some cheer on the bus.  We could use more sing alongs in the morning to get everyone off their phone/tablets and getting cheerful.  Maybe if I print out some lyrics to pass out as they get on the bus....

I want a onese like this for when we decorate the tree.  That looks like a doughnut on her tree.  I never thought of that.  Off to Timmy's!

There was also a young woman on the bus who had on the cutest coat (wish I had one like it).  I looked up from my tablet (yes, I am one of them - at least when I get to sit) and she was putting on her mascara.  Now those of you who don't take the bus need to understand how bumpy the bus can be.  Shocks are not such a thing on the bus.   I went back to my tablet and about 10 minutes later I am getting ready for my stop and look up and she is STILL putting on mascara.  How many layers do you need?  Will you even be able to open your eyes or will they be too heavy, sticky, icky to open?  She had a bunch of mascara on her eyelids (cue the bumping) so she had to get a kleenex out to try to tidy her eye lids up.  You know, that wouldn't happen if you put your makeup on at home or maybe it would since you are putting it on with a trowel.

I think she needs to see a doctor.

I felt like such a kid this morning because my feet were inches off of the floor.  It is great to get a seat but it would be nice if they made them for those of us who are vertically challenged.

So much going on this weekend - Lansdowne Farmers Market, Christmas in Merrickville, visiting friends, Church (to get my usual "gee Sandra, we only see you when you are on coffee duty" and maybe my ego boosted by my friend George, and to top it all off having my eyebrows ripped off.  Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh.

I hope your weekend is filled with family, fun, wine and relaxation.


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