Bring on Summer

I am all set for my Christmas day run.  Christmas day and New Years day are two of my favourite running days.  The snow is bright.  It is crunchy under my feet.  There aren't very many cars or people out on those days.  Alas this year it looks like I'll be running in shorts.  But I'm prepared. 

I'll spray my shoes so that when I look down I can think of snow.  I may even put some on a hat (not that I'll need a hat) but anything to make it seem a little more wintery.  I suppose if I slather on the sunscreen it will make it look like I have snow on me.  Better yet, I could glue cotton balls all over my clothes.  Hmmmm....will have to look into this.

Looks like the Maritimes is getting some snow....lucky them.


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