Call me cynical I suppose

All that is on TV these days is Christmas movies.  Now I like Christmas stuff as much as the next person but seriously, that's all that is on except for sports and news.  I need some drama.

I was watching a movie on Sunday night while slaving over the ironing board and all I could do was critique it.  The premise of the movie was that this young woman was going out with a guy for a few years but they lived in different cities.  On her way home to see her family and him at Christmas time she is on a bus that breaks down and she is rescued by a cowboy who drives her home. They invite him to share Christmas with them (very nice folks).  Meanwhile her and the cowboy hang out so she can show him the sights of the city (New York).  They get pretty cozy.  Boyfriend is jealous and proposes to her at a big office party in front of a zillion people - she is stunned but accepts.  On the way home she tells him that it is all a mistake.  They are not each others true loves (she likes the cowboy).  Boyfriend speeds off, cowboy rides a horse through NYC to her house and they agree that they are each others true loves and up she hops on the horse behind him.  Now this is where I really have aproblem - she's wearing the short red dress that she went to the party in.  How comfy can it be in the cold to have a cold saddle on your ass?  Oh, before this she is sitting on a glider in front of the house with her coat on, mitts on and the coat isn't done up.  Is it cold enough for mitts or is it too warm to do your coat up.  See my dilemma.  Maybe I should stick to The Grinch.

Look at this!  How does this happen?  I was fine when I went to the gym this morning (yep, go me) and when I got dressed afterwards my pantyhose was almost decapitated.  Glad I had an emergency pair because the thought of paying another $10 for a pair just sucks.
Yesterday morning on the bus there was a gentleman who appears to be trying to start a new fashion trend.  He was wearing a headband around his mouth.  His beard helped keep it in place.  Not sure that this trend will catch on or why he was actually wearing it that way but hey, you just never know what will catch on.
One more sleep and one more work day and then it is WRAPPING DAY.  Just once it would be nice if I could manage to get my wrapping done before Christmas Eve but alas, this is not the year.  At least I have the whole day off work so I can get started on it early.
Enjoy your day no matter if you are resting, relaxing, shopping, wrapping, baking, etc.
Memories of a former boss

Looks like this will be a good warning this year with no snow in the forecast.

Hmmm, great way to turn red.



  1. OMG, I laughed so hard...... can't wait until our next tea time... Have great Christmas!!


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