It is time to protest

Ok ladies (gents, you can join us if you'd like) - it is time to protest the high cost of pantyhose.  I just paid $11.29 for one single solitary pair of pantyhose.  That is outrageous.  I haven't figured out just how to protest yet and would welcome suggestions.  We could all let the hair grow on our legs until it is a nice furry cover and we wouldn't need pantyhose then.  Are you with me?  Lets get this protest going.

Now that I have given the bride-to-be her gift I can share with you my latest craft project.  This is Corina and Freddies engagement photo on fake nails.

This was a lot of fun to do and just think of the possibilities.  You could put on a picture of husband and wife and give your daughter a set to wear - a good daughter would be proud to have mom and dad on her nails...right?  You could put pics of your pets, girlfriend, boyfriend, your boss (I wonder if that would help at raise time.  If anyone would like a tutorial, let me know.

What else is new...Steph and I had a great time last night wedding dress shopping with Corina and had a lovely dinner with her and her mom.  We are looking forward to a fun day of shopping at the Lansdowne Farmers Market and attending Christmas in Merrickville on Saturday.

I'll be sure to share any interesting treasures that we see.

Sunday is Church day and I'm sure to hear from my friend George that I didn't accept his friend request.  Still working on my reason why so I don't offend him.  He really is a sweety.

Christmas decorating this evening.  I may just turn the furnace off so that it will be cold enough to feel like Christmas.  I know that there are those of you who love that we don't have snow but it is so close to Christmas that we need a little white out there.


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