Dashing through the snow....oh.....right

Are you as tired of the gloom and rain as I am.  If I wanted to live in Vancouver I'd move.  Maybe we need to offer some sort of sacrifice to the snow gods.  Any ideas?

I wore these beauties today.  They look a little snowy.

I've been having a blast doing my #running Christmas Tour of Barrhaven and sending out pictures of all the fabulous Christmas decorations that people have put up.  It also gives me incentive to change up my route although I have to say some routes end up being a lot of walking because there are so many fun decorations to take pictures of.  There have been a couple of occasions that I have gotten a little frost bite.  Must look into getting gloves that have touch screen things on them.

I have such porch envy.  Some day maybe I'll have a nice porch to sit out on.

Even the seniors residence looks fabulous.

Now this next picture is just a bit creepy.  I'm not sure what this entity is supposed to represent but maybe we could sacrifice it to the snow gods.  Maybe they should put a Santa hat on it.

Saying of the week:  Birthdays aren't going to make it any better.

This is what I heard from the eye doctor this week.  I guess it is a more politically correct way of saying that getting old is a bitch.

Today I was at the orthopedic surgeon and I'm going for my third foot surgery in February.  Third times a charm, right?  He said two weeks of this:

And then back to shoes...just not the shoes I am wearing today.  Back to the sensible ugly shoes for a while.  Bummer but hopefully this will be the last time....hopefully.

I am looking forward to Thursday, we have our department lunch and then it is out for dinner with the fabulous bus strike ladies.  It has been too long since we last had a gab.

Everyone is loving my Christmas tree at work.  I was told this morning by one of the lawyers that the shoe wasn't allowed to be on the tree stand because a Charlie Brown tree is for kids and the shoe isn't.  As soon as he left the shoe went right back in place - LOL.

The kids did a fabulous job of decorating the tree on the weekend.  Our house looks very Christmassy.

Can you believe this?  The middle of December and my plants are growing in the garden.  They are going to be so shocked when the snow arrives....hopefully soon.  Sorry all you folks who wish this weather would last forever.

Enjoy your week.


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