Friday is a good day to recharge

I'm calling it a recharging day instead of an "I'm too tired to bike today" day.  With luck I'll even get out running this weekend.  I have to say that it has been a boring two days of taking the bus.  No one was doing anything noteworthy on any of my rides, even the one to the Rideau Centre yesterday.  Come on folks, I'm counting on you to brighten my day with laughter and awe.

Still no word from the world of Garda.  I guess no one cares that they almost ran me down.  I need to think about a campaign to get every driver to check to the right when they are turning right because so many don't do it now, even to look for pedestrians.  Any ideas?  Obviously wearing bright green isn't working.  Maybe if I make myself a billboard for my back while I'm biking.  A flashing sign for on top of my helmet?

Have a wonderful day everyone and a great weekend.

I don't think Dr. Seuss really said this.


  1. I love the "recharging day"! That's Sunday for me :-)


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