A little extra travelling this morning

Well it was has been another interesting morning.  I drove in today because I have to go this afternoon and have the stitches taken out of my foot.  I figure with a little artwork I can make my foot look pretty interesting for Halloween…or just to keep grossing out the kids J.

So, what was so interesting this morning? Well, since I got to travel through different areas of the city I got to see some interesting folks.  There was the man biking on Meadowlands Drive with an umbrella hat on.  I have an issue with him not wearing a helmet (pet peeve) but it is a pretty inventive way to keep your head dry if it rains (which it wasn’t).  I found this interesting rain contraption that I think would be a much better idea since it would fit under your helmet and also keep your shoulders dry.

Yesterday as I was leaving work I saw a woman who was wearing a furry hat. What the heck was it yesterday?  We get one day that is less than 40 degrees and all of a sudden its time to pull out the winter wear.  I do have to say though that she looked pretty unhappy – as she should with her poor fashion choice.  Oh, and I totally forgot to mention the guy on the bike yesterday morning who had a headband on to keep his ears warm.  There was such a danger of frostbite yesterday‼

Now, as I continued my journey to work this morning I saw a woman near the Museum of Nature and first let me say that she had one of those half shaved head hairstyles.  Not very attractive at the best of times.  Then there were her short black shorts with past the knee black socks and just below the knee black boots.  As one co-worker pointed out, she may have been on her way home from last night or, alternatively, she may be a hooker.  Either way it was an interesting sight so early in the day.
Then there was the woman on her way to work on Metcalfe Street wearing a long black dress with a slit up the thigh to…well…let’s just say….way high up.  Now she didn’t seem like hooker material but who am I to tell.

Then there was this guy who brought a smile to my face.  He was wearing a nice grey suit and fabulous red shoes.  You rock dude.

I wish you all a very fashionable day.


  1. The umbrella hat dude reminds me of someone that worked at Nordion :-)


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