This morning was gorgeous and sunny but a little chilly.  It said it was 14 degrees so I put on a t-shirt and shorts instead of my usual sleeveless top (and shorts - black today).  Turns out that when you are biking on a chilly morning there is also a windchill.  Yep, a windchill.  The Weather Network doesn't share this knowledge - probably because it reminds us too much of this picture. Personally, I think this guy is nuts.  I will be putting my bike away before it gets like this outside.
After being scared by the flock of ducks (are they a flock, a gaggle, a group???) that are apparently congregating on part of the Rideau Canal to plan their winter vacation strategy (hey, they just might be!), I have seen two pick up trucks with snowplows on the front of them.  Two!!!  I almost stopped by the one this morning to get confirmation from the driver that no, he wasn't expecting a drastic change in the weather shortly but hopefully, would be using it to push dirt or rocks of something.  I may just have to ask if I see another one.  Very scary.
I had to change the cartridge on my printer this morning (yes, I am very happy to have one of my very own).  Look at the overpackaging.  Seriously folks, do the delivery people have anger issues or something and you need to protect them SO much?  Well, what could you possibly do with all this overpackaging you ask?  Oh, you didn't ask....well, I am going to tell you anyways.....

You could use it as a bike helmet or even a rain hat.  We saw some really cute see through rain boots in England years ago and this hat would compliment those.  Wonder if anyone would notice if I actually did wear this while biking.  I could put conditioner on my hair at the same time and make my hair super soft.  Multi tasking, such a good thing.

Looking forward to a lovely long nap tomorrow after getting unscrewed. 

Enjoy this gorgeous day never know when it will suddenly snow.


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