Week 2 of healthier eating

Guess my dreams of retiring a millionaire (hahaha) are dashed this week.

I am very excited that week one of healthier eating resulted in an 8 lb weight loss.  Yee haw, feeling better already.

Are these not the most boring of shoes?  I finally found a pair of plan black flats that I can (have no choice) live with….sigh…so ugly.  I am sorry that I am such a disappointment in the shoe department these days.  Soon (hopefully) I will be back in my fabulous shoes.  I tried my short white ones on Monday but alas the altitude, although low, was too much for the foot.  One more short joke from my co-workers and I’ll have to start retaliating.
·        Thursday was a “fun” trip on the bus.  I got to sit between Betty’s husband Bob who was encroaching on my land and he was very hot which made that side of me hot.  On the other side was a woman who talked to herself….a lot.  I really need to bring headphones – lol.
·        I have had it with the cast and am no longer wearing it even though I fear people stepping on my foot on the bus.  I have a large white bandage on my foot which apparently is quite bright while out walking because I see people staring at it so I hope its enough that my fellow bus riders notice and steer around me.  I’ll miss having priority seating when the bandage comes off though.

·        Sweetest birthday deal last week – RW & Co. has some very nice fall clothes and I got such a deal last week.  You get 25% off on your birthday (so worth signing up online) plus they had another 40% off this past Saturday.  I got a gorgeous skirt for 65% off.  I love deals like that. Also, for those that don’t know, Sephora gives you a free gift on your birthday so sign up there too.  Free is great.

·        Since I couldn’t bike or run or do anything fun this weekend I spent some time growing my ass on a chair in the back yard.  I have to say that this is the most boring sport even with a good book.  Maybe I was lacking a glass of wine and a friend to gab with.  For someone who hasn’t spent much time in the lawn chair since last year it was quite an interesting experience.  There were the usual lawnmowers but my favourite is the two little boys who live a couple of houses down from us.  They were on their bikes and one of them was hooting and hollering like I don’t know what but he sure sounded like he was having a blast.  I saw them later in the day and the smallest one was biking so fast it was amazing.  Oh to be a kid again.

I think this would be a fabulous addition to my backyard...oh, and the lake too of course.

·        Jonathan is taking drivers ed out near the Aviation Parkway so I am going to hitch up the new bike rack and check it out next Saturday.  It looks like, with a little maneuvering, I can go from there to Orleans or to Bayshore.  Maybe a little of both since I’ll have hours and hours and hours before picking him up.  Fingers crossed for good weather.  Anyone want to come for a bike tour?

·        I have been Googling nerve pain because my foot is so sore.  I can’t even touch it near the big toe.  I’m hoping that the nerves are sad from being intruded upon again and from the needles that were put between my big toe and the next one for freezing (which is still bruised).  Thursday the stitches come out which I am both looking forward to (getting them out) and not looking forward to (pain).  Shall I take pictures?  If I don’t hear from anyone that will leave the decision up to me and you know I like to share – lol.

·        I realized yesterday – while wishing I was home – that I have only had 9 days of vacation this year.  I am rectifying that by taking this Friday off and will be spending part of it in the toddling town of Carleton Place with Steph.  Did you know that Carleton Place is home of the Ballygiblin Riots in 1850, Findley Stoves, and Roy Brown who shot down the Red Baron?  I imagine Steph will be filling me in on all things historic during our time there.  I may have to look up the Ballygiblin Riots because it is such an interesting name.

·        Went to the gym at lunch and I have to admit that while I miss a good sweaty cardio workout I don’t miss the time it usually takes to fix my hair afterwards.  I was fondly remembering so many times in the Nordion change room after a run trying to dry off with everyone else when the room was hot and steamy.  Some days were hopeless hair days.  Hope you guys are missing me.


·        Waiting for the bus after work yesterday an Audi pulls up to the red light and there is a man driving, his dog is in the passenger seat and in the back is his wife and child.  What the heck is this woman thinking?  Being put in the back?  Not on your life bucko‼

·        I was at the liquor store yesterday and the guy at the cash says to the woman in front of me “Hello Miss, can I see some ID please?”.  I get to the cash and get a “Hello”.  So sad L  Am I not at least “Miss” worthy?  Guys have to learn that it makes us (slightly) older women feel so much better to be called Miss, right ladies?

·        My morning viewings today included a woman who had to be mid to late 50’s wearing a (too) short bandage skirt.  Such a bad look and so early in the day.   Now maybe if she looked like this young woman the skirt would at least look appropriate although this is not work appopriate attire...well, for most workplaces anyways.  I'm sure many of the guys would disagree.

The other sighting was a woman (sheesh ladies stop making us look bad) wearing a Michael Jackson jacket.  So out of date, so ridiculous looking, so not a summer look even if it wasn’t something that should be from a vitage store.


·        Heather, I hope that you feel better soon.  I have to say that I truly admire you for your twirl.  I would also totally do that and I’m sure it would also end the same way.


Enjoy your day everyone.


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