Am I cranky?

I love Dead Fred.  I would have way too much fun with one of these.
Can't decide if I'm being cranky or if I am justified in my frustration. 

Meanwhile, I was waiting for the bus this morning and got a front row seat (standing actually) to a little a.m. drama.  A young woman and her dad were dropped off at the bus and she noticed that she didn't have her wallet.  .

Daughter: "OH NO!  I don't have any money for dinner tonight.
Dad:  You had money in your pocket.
Daughter:  Yes, but I put it in my wallet. [sounding a tad whiney at this point]
Dad:  Well, where did you leave your wallet?
Daughter:  I think in the car.  It must be in the car. 
Sandra's thinking:  Gee Dad, give her some money to get her dinner.
Daughter:  It must be in the car, that's mom calling me. (telephone conversation ensues)
Mom drives back.  Daughter haughtily checks car.  No wallet.
Daughter:  "OH NO!"  It must be at home.
Dad:  The bus is coming.  Are you going to get the next one?

I got on the bus.  No idea what happened to him/her/dinner.

THEN:  I get to work and yah, a free elevator.  Then someone else gets on and then someone else, and then they hold the elevator for someone else.  I work on the top floor (19).  We stopped SO many times.  Next time I'm implementing a force field.  I was the one way at the back.  You know why the woman in the green shirt is so happy?  Because she already had her tea!!

AND THEN:  I go to get my morning water, open the freezer for some ice and there it is again - half empty ice cube trays.  I always take my cubes, refill the tray and return it to the freezer.  Now it seems the ice cube pain in my ass who refuses to refill tray is taking from both trays and not refilling them.  Words fail me.  Well, polite words fail me.


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