One of my favourite times of the year

Time for new running shoes!  Don't these look like they will make me go really fast?  Hope so.  I'm just waiting for a bit drier weather to take them outside for their first time.  Until then,

Can you think of a better way to start a Saturday than with a facial at the spa?

Well, of course starting your Saturday on a beach in the Dominican Republic would definitely beat that but since it isn't an option for most us of, a facial it will be.  I haven't had one before and it was fabulous.  Gladys has magic hands and I highly recommend her and my favourite spa - Westboro Spa on Churchill Avenue.

Gladys turned me from this:
to this:

I was in the relaxed zone with the spa music playing, Gladys massaging my face and then youch! Wasn't expecting my pores to be squeezed.  You didn't mention that part Cindy - lol.  Oh so worth a moment or two of discomfort. 

I only wish I could have followed up my facial with a wash and a blow dry because I left looking like this:

Good thing I had hair ties and bobby pins in my gym bag at the office or I might scare my co-workers...not that there are any here on a Saturday morning.  I'll just have to admire my soft, glowy face all by myself.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Remember, all that rain is washing away the snow so it is a good thing.


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