Windswept Wanda?

This woman needs to put a helmet on to protect her head and to keep her hair from becoming a tangled mess.

This was me last night but sadly, less stylish. 

I hate gale force winds.  That’s what the wind felt like on my ride home yesterday.  Bad enough that it can be a bit of a slog in the afternoon (well, evening when I get out of work these days) but to have to bike with HUGE headwinds is so rude.  Thanks Mother Nature. 

Have you ever noticed the different ways that people run.  I saw a guy running yesterday and his legs and feet were so straight.  He was on a mission.  He had a terrific kick back too.  Then there was the lady who did the side flip out when she was running.  That seems like it would take a lot of energy to me.  This morning there was a guy who I only saw briefly as I rode by but it seemed that he had something tied to his feet.  It looked a little like plastic boats although I’m sure that’s not what they were.  Why?  I kind of feel bad if it’s because he can’t afford running shoes.
There are also different ways to bike.  There are people like me who are on a mission.  We speed up when passed and eventually slow down again.  We sweat and slog and, I’m sure, have the occasional grim face on particularly hard hills.  I do try to be happy though and am sure that people who don’t seem at all happy to be outside on a beautiful day think that I have lost my mind.  There are times that I have so they aren’t all together wrong.  Then there are the people (mostly guys) who pass (me) like it was nothing and within a blink of the eye they are a block ahead.  How does this even happen?  It is so unfair.

I saw a guy biking the other day and his knees were totally out to the sides of his bike.  Did he have surgery and needed to be sure nothing touched his package?  Did he get kneed for some bad behaviour?  Was he hiding a present under his shorts?  Oh the possibilities that were floating through my brain.
Here is hoping that Mother Nature gives me a break on the ride home tonight and keeps her wind to herself.  I will give her props for the fantabulous weather we are having other than the wind.

Oh, at the gym this morning I overheard some women talking about pieces of clothing they forgot to bring with them. One forgot a top last Friday and had to go all day with the jacket she had on when she biked in.  One woman was lamenting that she brought in a black bra and had a white top (although it had flowers on it).  I felt like saying…but have you ever forgotten your pants???  That’s a costly mistake ladies J.  I joined a gym in our building yesterday which made it much faster changing to come to work but alas, my deodorant is at the Y.  I need to go there tomorrow and quit that gym and gather all my belongings in one spot.  Good thing I had a shower when I got here and will have another after my lunch run.  Don't worry co-workers, I won't be smelly - lol.
Now that we've had the May long weekend it is safe to put white shoes on again.  Plus they are cute and comfy.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


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