Notes from Ned

For all those inquiring minds who just need to know how the heck you forget pants I thought I would enlighten you.

I got bike panniers for Christmas to help with my commute and let me digress by saying how wonderful they are.  I no longer have to have a backpack on which gets so hot on summer afternoons.  So, I was packing my panniers and wondered how I would transport some of my belonging from the gym after I changed into my work wear. I decided that a backpack would do the trick so I put my work wear into the backpack.  Well, the backpack wouldn't fit into the panniers because they were full of shoes (MOST IMPORTANT after all), breakfast, wallet, etc.  So, a decision was made to do away with the backpack and just bring a plastic bag.  The clothes then went into a Lulu bag and off I went to the gym.

Well, lesson learned.  From now on, when biking, I will roll up my clothing into one package because I got home yesterday and there at the bottom of the black backpack were my navy pants.

Silly Ned.


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